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Bye Bye 2013 and Welcome 2014!

2013 was a year of challenges for me. I finally gathered the strength to come out of my comfort zone and took steps to do something that I had only thought of in the past!

There was disappointment sometimes but encouragement and hope of a better future the other times. This year I started this blog in May and I met great authors and made good friends who helped
me learn. A great year in terms of the many fabulous books that I read and reviewed, I wish to read many more in the coming year and also review all the hordes of books that I have read but haven't reviewed as yet. :)

I hope to grow more and reach more book lovers in the coming year. Life is a struggle and I plan to overcome it to reach my own version of blissful living. :)

Thank you all who helped me and encouraged me this year and I look forward to your continued support in the future as well. :)

How was the year for you?
Did you get everything that you planned or were there some surprises also? 

Do let me know how was your year 2013 and what you plan to do in the year 2014.
I hope you all had an eventful year and wish a fabulous new year to you. :)

Have a great new year dear Friends and Cheers to everything that we learned this past year.
Pray, Party and Laugh because a new year is here with lots of surprises in store for us. :)


Loads of Love,

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