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#DoveFaceTest--> Dove Guessing Game with my friend! - An evening of adventure with friends and Dove!

A cozy evening with friends, tea, pakoras, games, lots of gossip and lots of fun! This is the minutes to my meeting with my friends this evening. :)

I have always felt that God blessed me with good friends who have contributed greatly to my life till date. We have shared good times together as well as been a support to each other in our difficult phases in life. While the friendly meetings like today's were very frequent some years ago they have dwindled in number because somewhere along the way we have all gotten more wrapped in our daily lives. Some of my friends have moved away to different cities for work, some have married and therefore don't have the same amount of free time as they had when they were spinsters/bachelors and some have drifted to different social circles. 

So when I heard about the Dove contest which talked about friends and memories with them while also encouraged to take the #DoveFaceTest, I was very excited to take this as an opportunity to call upon my friends and spend some quality time with them. I received my Dove kit last week and decided on today's date to meet and have fun. 

We had so much to talk about and reminisce about. When I told them about the Dove test, they were very inquisitive and then very eager to participate. After a vote, Nishant and Vineeta were selected as the contestants for the game. Now mind it, Nishant was very unsure about the whole
exercise as he felt that Dove is only for ladies and doesn't work on men skin. Nevertheless, he was game and also placed a bet with us that Dove couldn't possibly make anyone's face as soft as it claimed. If he won, we would all acknowledge that Dove does not provide what it claims but if he lost then he would start using Dove and see the difference to his face himself! :)

We started by blindfolding him with the ribbon that had come as part of the Dove kit which also contained two Dove soaps, a card with instructions and a white bag. Now Vineeta is a regular user of Dove and also a big fan. She has been applying Dove on only half her face from the last one week in preparation for the #DoveFaceTest and so was ready to take up the challenge. Nishant was asked to touch both sides of her face and determine if they were any different and if different which was more soft or in other words, which was the Dove side of her face. :)

We waited with bated breath and with our fingers crossed as Nishant and Vineeta played the Dove guessing game. He touched the left side and smirked, "Wow. This side is not even close to being called soft. Maybe this is the Dove side!"
Then he proceeded to the right cheek and instantly lost the smirk when he came across a velvety soft, moisturized cheek. "This one is different. It is soft and very smooth. I think this is the Dove side."

"Yeah, this is the Dove applied side and we win!" We shouted together. Although he had lost the bet, Nishant was a good sport and we had great fun. :)

Dove soap contains 1/4 pure moisturizing cream and mild cleansers that leave skin clean, soft and smooth. It nourishes, hydrates and refreshes the skin and protects it from getting dry even in the harsh winters. The perfect soap for your perfect skin, Dove made my evening with friends memorable and gave me a new memory that I will remember and cherish all my life! :)

Take the #DoveFaceTest today and learn more about this great product here:

I received the Dove kit courtesy of Dove and Indiblogger and this post is my entry for the "Dove Guessing Game with my friend!" contest.


  1. After reading this beautiful post, I cannot help but write Awww...so cute! Yes! Absolutely!
    A big high five to you for playing this one with your parents! and your parents are so much fun, playing such cute games with you! :)


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