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#DoveFaceTest--> Dove Guessing Game with my friend! - A day of adventure and re-bonding with my friends

"When you think of Memories you have made with Friends...
Those memories become Treasures"

I believe in the above statement and have many sweet memories I cherish of the days spent with my friends. :)

I still remember those days of playing Mario with my buddies and competing to see who cleared the most  levels! The days spent discussing new video games out in the market or the saving schedules we made to save enough money so that we could buy our favorite comics. :)

With time, things we talk about may have changed but I am so fortunate to have strong bonds of friendship with my buddies who are still the nagging, teasing, complaining and easy going bunch. My parents have also come into the category of friends and I am able to share with them things that I would share only with a friend. Ever since relocating to another city due to my job, I had not met my friends and was planning on a holiday to come home and spend quality time with my family
and my pals.
So when I heard of the Dove contest and received the Dove kit, I just knew that I had to come home and do what the contest said. Have Fun! :) :)

I and my friends decided on a date and we got together. The day was unlike any of my usual days. We chatted and chatted. We had so much to talk about! Amidst tea, snacks and catching up on all events in our lives, I took up the topic of the contest being held by Dove where one friend had to take the #DoveFaceTest which included blindfolding one friend and then asking him to touch the face of another friend (who has been using Dove soap) and determine which side of his face was the Dove soap applied side.

Now, we men take pride in stating that we don't use any girly beauty product and that every physical charm that we have is natural! So several of my friends quickly stated that they didn't use Dove and that they thought Dove was for ladies. But I had received the kit, right? So this proved that Dove was suitable for everyone both men and women.

After much discussion we decided to have a lucky draw to decide the participants. My Mom and Dad, who had heard of our discussion joined us and three names instead of two came out! Now what to do?
After much deliberation, it was decided that first I would play the game with my Mom and then my parents would play it. :)

Firstly I asked my Mom to wash half her face with Dove while I blindfolded myself and asked my Dad to step out so that he could not see which side was the Dove side. Next I tried to guess which side of her face was the Dove side. I was easily able to differentiate between the two sides. While one side was rough and dry, the other side was soft and smooth. :)

After guessing correctly the Dove side, I asked my Dad to step inside and blindfolded him too. Next I asked him to touch both sides of Mom's face and guess which side was Dove.


After touching and thinking for several seconds, my Dad guessed correctly. Dove had been proved right in its claim of providing soft skin! :)

The Guessing Game was fun to play and it also validated for us that Dove soap indeed is true to its claim. 
Dove soap contains 1/4 moisturizing cream that nourishes, rejuvenates and moisturizes our skin to make it soft, glowing and healthy.

The day was memorable and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my friends as well as enjoyed witnessing the beautiful moments of love and frolic with my parents who looked like children when they were playing the Dove Guessing Game. :)

Now that you have heard my story of the #DoveFaceTest, head over to the Dove site to know more about this great product.

I received the Dove kit courtesy of Dove and Indiblogger and this blog post is my entry to the"Dove Guessing Game with my friend!"

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