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Book Review: Cowboy Cafe #3- Cowboy With A Cause by Carla Cassidy

Title and Author: Cowboy with a Cause (Cowboy Cafe #3) by Carla Cassidy 
Series: Cowboy Cafe #3
Print Length: 281 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense (April 1, 2013)
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Series, Cowboys, Harlequin
  • Book Review:
  • Cowboy with a Cause is the third book in Carla Cassidy's Cowboy Cafe series and features Adam Benson and Melanie Brooks.

Coping from a tragic past and striving to stay sober, Adam Benson is on a lookout for a place to stay when he comes across the only house with a vacancy.

Melanie Brooks had come to the small town of Grady gulch from New York to nurse her ailing mother but after her mother's death and an accident she is now confined to a wheelchair with all her dreams of becoming a dancer shattered.

She is forced to rent rooms in her house and is at first somewhat reluctant to rent it to Adam Benson, owing to his bad reputation.

Both these people are trying to come to terms with their losses and as they get to know each other, there develops a soothing companionship between them. They are attracted to each other but each has a reason to deny that attraction.

But can they deny this budding attraction between them and carry on a professional relationship?

Misplaced household items and mysterious phone calls create an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere for Melanie who is suddenly left suspecting her sanity and feels that the medicines that she is taking are making her forgetful or worse, mad!

"She didn't remember doing any of those things, but that didn't mean she hadn't done them...Had the pain pills addled her mind...or maybe it hadn't been the pain pills at all...now she had a new possibility.

Maybe she was going insane."

With the scare of a serial killer running loose in town after killing two respected women and with almost zero clues for the police, the small town of Grady Gulch is the center of great activity and gossip.

For people like me who read this book first not knowing that it was part of a series, I didn't feel like I had missed something but still it would be better if you read the books in order as I am going to do now.

The characters are very well introduced and developed. They are normal people and I could relate with them. All their trials and tribulations are normal and even if one has not faced similar situations one can still empathize with them.

"Sometimes you just had to adjust your expectations of the way you thought your life should go and grab onto happiness wherever and whenever it could be found."

The suspense and mystery part along with the slow but sweet romance between Adam and Melanie was very entertaining and had me eagerly turning pages to know more!

A sweet love story with a mysterious twist to it, I loved and adored everything about this book and give Cowboy with a Cause 4 out of 5. I  am now all set to read the other books in the series and finally unravel all the secrets and suspense that are making the people of this small town uneasy and suspicious of each other. 
A strong recommendation that you read this page turner romantic suspense as well as the whole series by Carla Cassidy.

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