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#BookReview: The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk by Sudha Murty

#BookReview:  The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk by Sudha Murty

Book Review:  The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk by Sudha Murty- Njkinny's Blog

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk by Sudha Murty is a compilation of instances from her own life. She shares her experiences at different times and with different people in the form of short stories which are enlightening as well as an eye opener. 

One of the few authors who have the skill to write simply yet have an impact on their readers, Sudha Murty has always fascinated me with her observations and her thoughts on matters most diverse. Here also she talks of different situations and gives us her own perspective to her experiences.

I liked and really enjoyed the very diverse stories compiled in this book but also didn't agree to some of her observations and conclusions. 

A light and breezy read with no difficult terminologies to confuse you, I give The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk a 3.5 out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it to all who are in search of a light book which entertains as well as teaches the readers a lesson in humanity and humility.

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