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#BookReview--> A Pocket Full of Posies My Life With Cancer by Deborah Leistikow

A Pocket Full of Posies My Life With Cancer is Deborah Leistikow's story of her journey after she was diagnosed with cancer.

A normal woman with big dreams, Deborah had everything under control but cancer disbalanced her otherwise balanced life and left her to face struggles that no one should ever face!

I have feared reading accounts of people who have faced deadly diseases like cancer anticipating a saddening story leaving me very disturbed.
But when on a recommendation I took up this book, I was pleasantly surprised with Deborah's lively manner and her determination to see positive in all situations.

A beautiful and inspiring account of a cancer patient describing her struggles and her determination to always see light even during her most darkest of moments in life, Deborah gives hope, inspiration and strength to all people affected by this disease and also to all their loved ones to have faith and the strength to bear it.

She tells her story with some witty remarks and reminisces about her childhood thus, giving the reader an insight into her life before and then after getting diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes she did deviate from the main topic but nevertheless kept me interested and turning pages to know more!

This is not a common account of a cancer patient but a story of the struggles faced by a woman and her journey of fighting and finding balance in her life during and post cancer. I was very impressed by the author's simple style of story telling and her zeal for living a happy life no matter what.

Her photos depicting her life were a definite plus for me as they made her and all the other characters seem more real. :)

A beautiful and touching story of fighting and winning, of love and hope, of falling and then standing up again and finally a story of a woman who didn't accept defeat but decided to stand up and face her problems to finally emerge the winner, I give A Pocket Full of Posies My Life With Cancer 4 shiny stars out of 5 and strongly recommend everyone to read this amazing book.

I received  a free copy of this book from the author to read and review and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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