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#BookReview--> His Captive Indian Princess by Tanu Jain

Title and Author: His Captive Indian Princess by Tanu Jain
  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin India Pvt. Ltd. (Spice Imprint) (1 October 2013)
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Desi Romance, Indian Writing
My Review:
Gauri is beautiful, fiercely independent with a strong sense of justice and equally determined to excel as a lawyer. Everything is seemingly normal in her life with her aspirations of becoming a leading lawyer driving her life. But then comes Vikram Singh, a ghost from her past. A past she has buried and never wants to face again.

Gauri had run away from her home, years ago, after some unfortunate incidents. Now Vikram is here to take her back to her family that shunned her and made her even change her identity to escape them!

What will be Gauri's fate now?
Will she be able to face her traumatizing past and also face her attraction towards the sexy and gorgeous, Vikram Singh?

I received this book as a prize of a giveaway hosted by Fabulous Adda and I am so thankful to its owner for introducing me to this very entertaining love story. :)

Now I have recently read a number of Indian authors like Adite Banerjie, Shoma Narayanan etc. writing for M&B and I am so happy to state with confidence that all books and authors have a different style of writing which makes it a pleasure to read their books. Although the books may be written for Mills and Boon but the story lines and the treatment is fresh and varied. This is Tanu Jain's first M&B romance published in 2013. Tanu Jain has always been a M&B fan and it shows in her book which reads like our typical M&B love stories with a dominant alpha male and a headstrong female lead. 

Gauri is a strong protagonist who has faced many hardships and is now determined to change her life around which includes forgetting her past life. Vikram has had a hard childhood and although he comes from a royal line, he has never seen any true happiness in his life and so seems authoritative and distant even to the point of being dominating in his demeanor  Both these characters, although attracted towards each other, are always confrontational with each other. I was thoroughly entertained by these two and their scenes together are sensuous, romantic and also humorous.

I despised "Aaji Ma", Gauri's grandmother with a vengeance and felt like slapping Maya, Gauri's elder step sister. Tanu has created characters that instantly connect with the reader and make him feel for each of their actions. She has expertly balanced all the people in the book and made each of them have their fair share of limelight.

The setup of a royal family is beautifully sketched and she makes the reader feel the modern day splendor of the Kings. I could visualize the royal family and their palace which is now a hotel much like the many palaces in India. The scenes are written in all their color and lack any artificiality.

The story is almost predictable but the main appeal comes from the character interactions and the feeling, that the author has succeeded in putting in the story.

The writing style is simple and dialogues heartfelt. I was deeply touched by the emotional turmoil the protagonists face along the way to  the final realization of their love for each other.

Vikram held her away from him and his eyes bored into hers. 'You think what I feel for you is guilt and responsibility. Do you want to know what I feel for you? I cannot name this emotion. Maybe you can name it? Can you tell me -what is this emotion that fills me when I see you smiling? What is this feeling that inundates my being when I hold you in my arms? What is this fury which inflames me when I think of all those who have hurt you?...What is this sublime joy which bathes me when I think of spending my remaining life with you?...'

The only glitches in this otherwise sweet book are: Gauri's brother's angle in the story looks a bit rushed and I really would have loved if more pages had been devoted to it. The chapter division is a bit lacking and the book could have done better with several chapters rather than one long chapter. I am a hopeless romantic and so totally loved the book but still felt that the intimate scenes between Gauri and Vikram could have been made less explicit without any loss in their emotional and sensual appeal.

Other than these small glitches, His Captive Indian Princess is a breezy and heartfelt romance that will entertain you and also leave you smiling with a deeply satisfying happily- ever- after. A perfect read for a lazy holiday, I give it 4 shiny stars out of 5 and a full on recommendation that you buy, read and enjoy this "worth-every-penny" book.

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