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#BookReview--> Sanctuary by Nora Roberts

Title and Author: Sanctuary by Nora Roberts
  • Print Length (Paperback): 528 pages
  • Publisher: Jove (August 31, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Adult Fiction

My Review:
Jo Ellen Hathaway is a famous photographer and has it all- name, fame, money and professional satisfaction but one thing that still eludes her is mental peace. She is haunted by dreams of her past. When she left Sanctuary years ago, she had hoped of leaving her horrid past behind but the secrets and unhappiness still follow her. As if this is not enough, she is now being stalked by someone who is sending her photographs of herself clicked everywhere, inside and outside her house. Afraid but determined not to give the stalker the satisfaction of seeing her afraid, Jo continues with her normal routine. But then comes a picture of her missing mother, beautiful but dead, that leads her to a nervous breakdown and two weeks in the hospital. Now she must go back to her estranged family and to Sanctuary to face her demons and settle the past forever. Her stalker is not far behind and the mystery of her mother's disappearance twenty years ago still remains.

I had not read any book from Nora for almost a year and so when I picked Sanctuary to read, I was very excited and anticipated a thrilling journey.
I was not disappointed. The book is very crisply written with expert use of poetry, witty dialogues and goosebumps inspiring scenes. The story is well thought of and admirably executed. Although I was a bit disappointed with too much of savagery and nastiness and felt that this could have been toned down a bit with no adverse effect on the mystery which is beautifully woven. I was hooked and totally spooked right from the start and as the story progressed my interest and curiosity to know more also increased. Although I was able to pinpoint the main culprit before his disclosure in the book, this didn't affect my complete engagement with the story which kept me glued to it till the very end. :)

Nora has tackled three romances in this book and all handled brilliantly. She shows that she is capable of handling multiple characters with their separate story-lines along with developing the main story. Nora Roberts has shown a trend of moving from sweet, homely romances with great mysteries to sweet romances with grisly, abhorrent criminal mysteries. Although this can be good in some cases, I just wish she doesn't completely forgo of the sweet and clean romantic suspense stories she gave earlier in her career.

The characters are strong people divided by their misunderstandings and lack of communication but when they come together to fight a common cause, its a great sight.

All in all, a very gripping story that will pull you and keep you hooked till the end, thus, proving a great timepass. With many nail biting moments and a promising plot, I give Sanctuary a 4 out of 5 and recommend it to readers above 18 years of age.

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