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#BookReview--> Trust Me by Rajashree

Title and Author: Trust Me by Rajashree
  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Publisher: Rupa; 6 edition (8 August 2006)
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Writing, Desi Romance

My Review:
I bought and read this book three years back and still remember the happy feeling I had when I put it down. So when I found it the other day, I just could not help myself and read it again. :)

Trust Me is Rajashree's debut novel and tells the story of Paro who is ambitious, easy going and deeply in love with Karan. But sometimes, "Mr. Right" is not so right after all and Paro learns her lesson when Karan leaves her after her announcement of her pregnancy. Broken hearted she seeks solace in the comforting voice of her boss not aware of his ulterior motives.
So when the fatherly Mr. Boss makes a pass on her, Paro is completely devastated. Bitter and jaded, she has lost hope in love and as her girlfriends say "All men are bastards" is sure to keep away from any more heartbreak. But fate has something else in mind for her and she is thrown against the struggling actor, Rahul when she joins the film unit of 'Jumbo' Sinha to help in the making of his next film. From casting-couch to office politics to hypocrisy in relationships to plain simple love, this story has it all.

Highly acclaimed, Trust Me got Rajashree instant fame and featured in many bestseller lists. This critically acclaimed chick-lit novel set in Bollywood gives the reader all the flavors of the film industry apart from touching their heart with a practical and heartfelt love story.

Rajashree's writing is simple but captivating and she perfectly balances humor with serious and gives the reader many a memorable moments in the story. The characters are well sketched and played out. I was impressed with the sketch of Jumbo who is the typical Bollywood Film maker who believes in strict protocols and includes casting couch among them!

Rahul makes the reader's heart trip with his longing and perseverance in following Paro no matter what. Paro is the simple girl with stars in her eyes and naive enough to believe in everything that Karan, the man she loves, tells her. She is loyal and a one man woman and even though Karan did so much bad with her she still loves him and pines for him. I loved the so real and sometimes funny and sometimes heartwarming sessions Paro had with her girlfriends. They are all full of advise for her and even share their 'dirty' secrets about men. :)

The frustrations and the exploitation of the struggling actors/actresses in the film industry and the politics that follow is expertly narrated in the story and shows the research the author has done before putting pen to paper. The day to day heart breaks and the quest of a simple, love filled life in the fast moving crowd in Mumbai brings the reader closer to the real picture behind the tinsel town glitter. I loved the whole enriching and captivating experience I had with this book and think it has the capability of being adapted into a movie. :)

A great read and a book that reads like a full masala Bollywood superhit, I give Trust Me a 4 out of 5. If you have not read it then I recommend that you do so and enjoy the full circle of finding true love. Rajashree proves that true loves comes in all forms and in the most unlikely situations. :)

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