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#BookReview--> Billionaire Bachelors #1- The Billionaire Wins The Game by Melody Anne

Title and Author: The Billionaire Wins the Game by Melody Anne
Series: Billionaire Bachelors #1
Print Length: 307 Pages
Publication Date: Gossamer Publishing 05/28/2012; Second edition (August 17, 2011)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review:

Joseph Anderson has decided that its time his sons got married. But his sons have different plans. They are enjoying their bachelorhood and have no plans of settling down. Determined to wed atleast one before Christmas, Joseph decides to concentrate on his eldest son Lucas. Powerful, driven and incredibly handsome, Lucas is busy trying to take his family's business to greater heights. Comfortable in the company of beautiful women and favoring no-strings-attached relationships with them, Lucas is determined never to fall in the trap called marriage.

So when the new, innocent and striking beauty, Amy Harper is selected as his secretary by his father. He is uneasy right from the start. Fighting an attraction so strong that it makes him edgy, Lucas is determined to keep her at arm's length and ignore her sweet voice, expressive eyes and soft, petite body.

Amy, on the other hand, has seen life at its hardest and cruelest and worked very hard to reach this position in her life. But she is helplessly drowning in the charisma of her boss who is sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

Can these two very different people ignore this attraction between them or will they succumb to it?
Will Joseph's plan of making these two fall in love by throwing them together work?

I have read books by Melody Anne before and cant say that I haven't loved them. This book is also no exception and although the plot is predictable and used by various authors before and after. The book is still able to hold the reader's attention till the last page.

The characterization is admirable and Melody makes her characters as real as possible so that even if they seem to do things that are just too-good-to-be-true, still they feel connected to the reader and he is able to empathize with them.

I loved Lucas and his whole family. Amy is a strong character and the scenes between Lucas and her are both deliciously sensuous as well as very engaging. Joseph is a character that makes one relate him to a grandfather figure with matchmaking tendencies. Kind, generous and a good judge of character he brings spark to the story. I loved the whole Anderson family. They are caring, warm and supportive towards each other. The friendship between Tom and Amy was another thing that appealed to me. I loved their bickering and the lengths to which they went to back each other up.

All in all, a story that will entertain you, make you sigh in pleasure and is a perfect holiday read, I give The Billionaire Wins the Game a 4.5 out of 5. Now I am all excited about reading the next books in the series. :)

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