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#BookReview--> A Billionaire in Disguise #1- Forbidden Disclosure by Terri Marie

Title and Author: Forbidden Disclosure by Terri Marie
Series: A Billionaire in Disguise #1
Print Length: 269 Pages
Publication Date: Gossamer Publishing (June 26, 2012)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review:
Daniel Giordano is more interested in cars, lavish pleasures money can buy and women. While Daniel is spending his life recklessly with no clear aim, Francesco Giordano is worried about his son and also worried about the future of his hard earned business!

Determined to bring Daniel on the right path, Francesco gives Daniel only one choice. He tells him to prove himself by living in a small town under a false name and make a living without the help of his family name and money. If he is successful in living on his own then the family business will be his but if he fails then everything he thinks his right as a Giordano will be stripped from him forever.

Can Daniel prove himself and be successful in living as an ordinary man with no money?
Or will he come running back?

While Daniel is left to fend for himself, life suddenly goes shiny when he spots a woman who rocks his world at first glance. With everything to prove and no one to help it is upto Daniel to work everything out.

I got the book free on Amazon and was tempted to buy it because of the intriguing blurb. A rich and spoilt heir to a vast empire goes into a disguise and meets his love made me all too eager to read this book. But as much as I expected it to rock my senses, the book just fell flat.

The starting is promising but the dialogues feel a bit superficial right from the beginning. Then as the book progresses it soon becomes clear that this is one of those books that are just too good to be true. The people are just too perfect who are nowhere near the real life people we know. Francesco, Daniel, Rosie all these people are just too caring, too helping and too willing to take up everyone's troubles that it somehow seems unreal.

Also the blurb just talks about Daniel's story but the book has infact two stories going on which are not connected that well and make the pace of the story too slow. This is the first book where I felt like the book had ended so many times that when the ending finally came I was just too tired to give it any notice.

The narration is not crisp and the flow lags and the book goes on and on. The characters are somewhat unreal but do appeal at some points in the book. The romance is okay nothing very touching here. All in all an average book which had potential but lack of planning and execution make it a 3 star book.

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