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#BookReview--> Christmas Wish by Diane Collier

Title and Author: Christmas Wish by Diane Collier
Publication Date: June 24, 2012
Print Length: 17 Pages
Language: English
Genre: Short Story, Contemporary Romance, Christmas Holiday Romance

My Review
Debbie had always loved her best friend, Sandra's elder brother Bradley but could never tell him. Bradley was the popular boy in school with girls "buzzing around him" and Debbie was just his younger sister's friend for him. Nothing more, nothing less.
It has been five years since Debbie went home and all this time she has been avoiding Bradley who, according to her, will be well married by now to his college sweetheart.

Determined to lay the past to rest and move on, Debbie decides to visit her home this Christmas.

Will she be able to move on and forget Bradley?
Or is her Christmas wish going to get granted?

Christmas Wish by Diane Collier is a short story and my first book by Diane. The plot is predictable but very efficiently carried out. I was hooked from the start and really enjoyed the story till the end.
A great timepass and a feel good story, this is very well written. The characters are beautifully woven and I specially loved the "Loud, loving, demonstrative and giving" Parker family who welcomed Debbie in their lives as if she was their own. I also liked Debbie's character who has craved love and only got it from friends, never from her own family. Loving and losing her first love and crush, she decides to make her career and move away from the sad feelings that staying at home will bring to her. The characters of Bradley and his sister, Sandra are not developed much but whatever I read, I liked. :)
I am definitely going to read from the author and recommend her to everyone. I just loved her writing style. :)

The only hiccups in this otherwise smooth ride are: the angle with Anna, Bradley's college sweetheart. I would have liked some explanation from Bradley regarding her. Then he says that he has always loved Debbie. If that was the case then why didn't he try to contact her earlier? Say after his breakup with Anna? Then the love scenes lacked the proper emotional touch that they should have unlike the rest of the story which is rich in emotions brilliantly added to heighten the appeal of the book. I would have loved the story more if some more pages had been used to set a background for Bradley and Debbie's happily-ever-after. So far this is a good read but not developed to its full potential.

A good holiday read and a feel good book that touched my heart, I give Christmas Wish by Diane Collier a 3.5 out of 5 and recommend it to people looking for a short but beautifully written love story. 

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  1. Great review! These kind of books remind me of the movies on the hallmark channel! Now I kind of am missing christmas lol


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