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#BookReview--> City Solipsism by Zack Love

Title and Author: City Solipsism by Zack Love
Publication Date: January 18,2014
Language: English
Print Length: 23 Pages
Genre: Psychological, Short Stories
My Review:
Almost all of us travel in local trains and often see strangers who even at first glance seem nothing like a stranger. We feel a connection with them like we already know them, like we are meant to be. There is a pull that makes us want to know everything about them. Search for any connection with them.

Such is the case with the protagonist in this short story by Zack Love. The protagonist is a normal man in a suit and tie who finds himself intrigued by a woman sharing the platform on the train station and then the metal bar in the train with him. He reminisces the carefree days of his youth where he would'nt have thought twice before approaching this beautiful stranger and acquainting himself with her. But over the time, he has become timid. He is afraid to talk to her. He is conflicted but still unable to keep himself from getting more and more intrigued and attracted by her.

Who is she?
Where is she from?
What is her name?
Does she travel by this train often?
If so, then why hasn't he seen her before because he travels to his office by the same train everyday?

All these and more questions swim in his mind and finally he decides to talk to her. But what happens when he talks to her?
Is she flattered?
Is she offended?
Do they become more close?

Zack Love gives a psychological and philosophical look to the everyday local train traveller who meets so many people each day. Some he rarely notices, even though they travel by the same train everyday but there are some who catch the eye of every person around even at first glance.

A quickie, I was entertained by this book. Although at some point I felt like the author was just rambling but still the book kept me hooked and when the end came I was jolted! Yes, definitely jolted. :)
The end packs a punch and because of that I give City Solipsism a 3.5 out of 5. A fresh and very innovative look at the daily travellers and the boring executives in a suit and a tie make this story an interesting read.

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1 comment:

  1. I really love the concept for this book - taking something so ordinary and giving it a story that we can totally relate to. And you have me very curious about the ending! Great review, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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