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#BookReview--> Cowboy on the Run by Devon McKay

Title and Author: Cowboy on the Run by Devon McKay
Print Length: 266 Pages
Publication Date: January 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

My Review:
Nate Walker had walked away from his home, his life and his love, "An unforgettable brunette", Jessie seven years ago. But now he is back and determined to claim his love again.

Will Jessie allow Nate again in her life?
Is he here to stay or is he still the Cowboy on the Run?

The story narrates Nate and Jessie's love story. I got this book for free from Amazon and the first thing that attracted me to buy it was the cover and the title. The title promised a rugged cowboy love story. I was a bit let down here. The story was not up to my expectations. Nate just didn't give me that thrill I get when I read about cowboys.

The characterization is admirable and the story also starts in a promising manner but soon started looking like it was being dragged. Nate and Jessie were getting together then again separating which got me very frustrated. The mystery running in the background is also not developed properly and is not able to add appeal to the story.

The ending is also ambiguous and I just wish the author had made the story shorter and more crisp because she has potential. The climax was supposed to be explosive but instead it is hurried and unbelievable. Suddenly Nate and Jessie forget their differences and get together which I just could not swallow. I will give her books another chance in the future but this one is ordinary and nothing very special.

A light, breezy and ordinary story which could have been made more cohesive and concise, I give it a 3.5 out of 5 because I have read better cowboy stories.

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  1. I also got this one for free but it's moved right down my list, I might get to it one day

  2. I was also disappointed...Do give it a try though..Maybe you will like it.. :)


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