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BookReview--> Maya in search of Tantric Father by Vipin Behari Goyal

 Title and Author: Maya in search of Tantric Father by Vipin Behari Goyal
 Print Length (Paperback): 188 Pages
 Language: English
 Publication Date: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd; First edition (24 January 2014)
 Genre: Religion, Spiritual, Travel Memoirs, Fiction

My Review:
Maya has recently found out from her dead mother's diary that her biological father was a Tantric from India. Determined to find him, Maya travels to India and during her quest for her father, she meets people from different walks of life, visits new places and handles situations she would never have encountered had she not been in India. Maya in search of Tantric Father narrates the story of Maya's travels and her adventures in India.

Is she finally able to locate her father?

Read the story to find out. :)

Maya in search of Tantric Father by Vipin Behari Goyal is the author's fourth book and my third book by him. In all the three books by Vipin, Tall Man Small ShadowBurn Me Naked: Love my naked souland Maya in search of Tantric Father, the first thing that struck me very significantly was the author's experience and knowledge of the topics he was handling in his books. Here also he displays a prolific knowledge of the religious destinations he describes in this book. He is successful in bringing out the beauty and vividness of the places, people and situations from a non resident's perspective.

The preconceived notion of a mystical country with varied cultures, different beliefs and with an expectation of coming across snake charmers who can make ropes act like snakes, a tourist from a foreign country is often surprised to see a completely different India with skyscrapers, modern facilities and a scenario completely different from what he expects. Vipin is able to expertly capture and bring to life this surprise in his story where the protagonist Maya is surprised to see so much development in a country where she is on a quest to find her Tantric father.

The alien like atmosphere, people and scenarios she comes across are both teaching and also an eye opener to every Indian reader who is able to see his own country from the eyes of a foreigner and decide for himself if he likes what he sees or are there some points of improvement to be noted that he can inculcate in his own behavior and maybe publicize them to his friends and family.

The plot is well planned out and executed. The story reads like a diary with dates and months. Vipin shows the research he has done and gives us a near perfect picture of sacred places like Pushkar, Rishikesh etc. in his book. The characterization is real and life like and the reader instantly feels like he has either met or heard about such people in his life. The emotional factor needs work here and the story could have been more appealing if this side of the story had been worked on.

All in all, a well written book that will act like a travel guide to people hoping to visit India and also appeal to people looking for a fresh perspective to a country with diverse cultures and beliefs.
A 4 out of 5 to Maya in search of Tantric Father and a recommendation that you read this book and get a completely new picture of "Incredible India". Maya's adventures don't stop in this book and they continue in the next book named "Maya in search of the Guru" which I look forward to reading on its release. :)

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to him. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

I was so happy to see that a part of my review for his book, Tall Man Small Shadow, had been included in this novel. It feels great to be recognized and I am so thankful to him for mentioning me and my blog. :)

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