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#BookReview--> The Other Side: Dare to Visit Alone? by Vivek Banerjee and Faraaz Kazi

Title and Author: The Other Side: Dare to Visit Alone? by Vivek Banerjee and Faraaz Kazi
Print Length: 209 Pages
Publication Date: DigiImprint Solutions; First edition (November 10, 2013)
Language: English
Genre: Horror, Short Stories

My Review:
Two friends are on a sabbatical to write and are still undecided about what they should write. One day while sitting together they start talking about their paranormal experiences. 
Are ghosts real?
How much is true about the stories of ghost sightings from all over the world?
Are these experiences real or just a figment of our overactive imagination?

Reminiscing about their childhood stories of ghosts either experienced by them or told to them like the stories travelling from centuries, the two friends share in all thirteen stories (13? Yeah you heard me right..Its paranormal after all..:) ).

Vivek gave Faraaz a quizzical look. "Paranormal? Are you trying to tell me that you have seen ghosts?"
Faraaz merely looked at his trekking partner and shrugged. "Oh, so you believe in ghosts?"

I cant say that I have read many horror books so when I started this book I was excited as well as apprehensive. I had no clue if I would like it or not. So when I did start on it and actually got sucked in all the horror happenings, it was a very pleasing feeling. :)

Thirteen short stories that you can read and finish in one sitting, I was very entertained and totally spooked. The authors have succeeded in getting the reader thrilled, chilled and also surprised by the sudden twists and turns they so beautifully incorporate in these stories. I wanted to pick one story that I liked above all, believe me I did, but I just couldn't. All the stories are so great that you would wish to re read this book again.

I still remember the times when I used to assemble with friends and share horror stories just to see who got spooked first! I relived that experience again while reading this book where I felt as if I was with friends and betting on who would get spooked first. I related to the two friends and felt like I was right there with them listening to their stories and travelling with them as they traveled in the realm of horror and the paranormal. The book shocked me, had me covering my eyes but still leaving a slit between my fingers because I just couldn't stop reading and can now proudly say that I have a new treasure trove of horror stories that I can recount when I have a young audience with me. I know I will be a hit among them now. All thanks to Faraaz and Vivek for writing this book! :)

A very admirable effort from two very promising authors, I loved The Other Side: Dare to Visit Alone? and give it a 4 out of 5. A strong recommendation that you read and decide if you dare to visit alone! :)
I look forward to reading more from these two very talented authors in the future. :)

I received this book from the authors and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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