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#FBQ(7)--> FREEBIE and BARGAIN Books Quota

FREEBIE & BARGAIN books quota is a Monday and Thursday feature which will feature FREE and BARGAIN eBooks/Paperbacks that I read recently or want to read and which is/are available at a BARGAIN or FREE currently

Here are this Monday's #FREE and #BARGAIN deals. Enjoy! :)

PS: Please be aware that prices may change at any time. Before clicking the "BUY" button make sure to verify the price.

Kindle Deals:

A Cowboy in Disguise by Victoria Ashe
The threat to her pet project meant war.
If she could just figure out who the enemy was.

Alexandra Hunter is pretty much alone in the world— except for her matchmaking boss and contrary friend, Mary. After a “Date with the Living Dead” and a brush with executive espionage, she’s focused on climbing the corporate ladder. Romance just isn’t worth the effort. Then enigmatic playboy Scott Falconer comes along in cowboy boots and a tuxedo to cut the rungs out from under her. 

Scott’s reputation has apparently preceded him. The problem is, that reputation seems to belong to another man entirely. Granted, he has a bit of a double-life, but from his point of view, he also has the best of both worlds to offer. It feels to him like Alexandra has thrown the gauntlet down and drawn her boundaries. Luckily, Scott Falconer was never very good at staying inside the lines.

Pacific Fire by Guy Bailey and Simone Beaudelaire 
A strange convergence of events provide graduate student Norah Erickson with the vacation of a lifetime. Leaving behind a snowy Minnesota winter, she hops a plane to Australia's Gold Coast. The trip isn't the dream come true Norah expects, however. Trouble seems to spring from every corner leaving the bewildered girl alone and in serious danger. 

Aussie soldier Cameron Day is just looking for some rest and relaxation after a term in Afghanistan. But when a quick visit with an old friend turns up a beautiful American damsel in distress, Cam is quick to step in, offering Norah a place to stay and some company. 

As desire flares between the international lovers, dangerous events arise which threaten not only their budding relationship, but also their lives. 

Courting Chaos by Jacklyn Dumais
Her sister is getting married to her ex, her brother's sexual escapades are making headlines, her mother is going crazy, and her father's not speaking to any of them. But perhaps strangest of all, her coworker and arch-rival has offered to be her date for the wedding. Because bringing home a fake boyfriend always works out... right?

"What a fun story!"~ Reviewer

Where there is love, there is laughter...

USA Today Bestseller!!! 
Amazon Top 50!
#1 Bestseller in Romantic Comedy!
Top 10 New Adult!

Don't miss out on this steamy collection of ten romantic comedies by some of today's most popular New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling 


Let yourself be carried away by ten dreamy men--including a sexy bounty hunter, a hot undercover agent, a yummy caterer, a dashing Frenchman, and even a handsome fairy tale prince. Their stories of love and passion will tickle your funny bone and melt your heart.

This exclusive 10-book set includes two full-length novels and eight novellas. If you need a break from dark, damaged heroes and the women who love them, this collection is for you!

The Wedding Game by Amy Matayo

Over 60 Five Star Reviews!
Cannon James has a plan: Sign on as a contestant for his father’s new reality show, marry a blonde hand-picked by the producers, and walk away two million dollars richer. It’s all been arranged. Easy. Clean. No regrets. Until Ellie McAllister ruins everything by winning the viewer’s vote. Now he has to convince America that he’s head over heels in love with her. Not easy to do since she’s a walking disaster. 

Ellie McAllister has her own problems. She needs money, and she needs it now. Despite her parent’s objections and her belief that marriage is sacred, she signs on to The Wedding Game…and wins. Now she’s married to a guy she can’t stand, and if she wants her hands on the money, she has six months to make voters believe she loves him. Not easy to do since he’s the most arrogant man in America. 

It doesn’t take long for Ellie and Cannon to realize they’ve made a mess of things…even less time for their feelings for one another to change. But is it too late for them? More importantly, can the worst decision they've ever made actually become one of the best?

On A Husband Hunt by Virginia Roark

This romantic comedy novel set in Tucson, Arizona, explores finding love after age 50 and its misadventures (which apply to adult females of almost any age). Evan is divorced, but this time she’s determined to meet Mr. Right so she tries asking her friends for introductions, subscribing to dating websites, and hiring a matchmaker. Her dates range from hilarious to sad to scary and at times she’s ready to give up, but she’s determined to be happy. She battles her weight, personal loss, and dating frustrations. An old love reappears on the scene to complicate things even more. When Evan does meet the man of her dreams, she’s so shaken by her past experiences that she isn’t sure she can trust him with her heart. Her daughter, Chloe, is her biggest supporter even though Evan often “shares” too much. Laugh and cry with Evan as she reflects on society and aging women as well as during her hunt for a good husband.

The Triple X cattle ranch is Rachel's.  Her parents are buried in its hot Texas soil.  Her own blood, sweat and tears have mixed with the dirt beneath her feet.  She's strong, independent, intelligent,
beautiful and completely capable of running the ranch alone...and that's the way she likes it.  She certainly doesn't need a partner, not even a handsome, sexy partner who seems to have a legal right to claim half ownership in her ranch.  She's determined to rid herself of this nuisance, even if she has to shoot him to get him off her land.  The fact that their
standoff is heated by lust only aggravates her more.

Sin has nothing left.  The Civil War is winding down to a sad ending and this chance at the Triple X is his last.  But Rachel is a surprise.  He's never met anyone like her.  She doesn't need his....or any man's help running the Triple X.  But maybe she needs something else from him?

Love and Chaos by Elizabeth Powers
Emma Jameson is pretty darn happy with her life. She has a good job, a loving family, a decent social life, and a dog who simultaneously adores her and keeps her yard free of squirrels. But with the help of fate and her irresponsible older sister, she gets tossed into the middle of a mess, and comes out on the other side married to Mason, a stranger who makes a cement block look emotional. And let's face it, while her new husband is hot, that doesn't even begin to make up for the fact that he doesn't like dogs, and shows an equal aversion to all things messy and disordered. Too bad Emma named her beloved dog Chaos for a reason, and if she's moving into her new husband's house, the dog is moving in with her.

While Emma is learning to live with an incredibly sexy but detached man, she's also faced with the disappointment of her martini-swilling grandmother (who dreamed of a wedding for Emma with a white dress and an open bar), a disapproving mother-in-law (who is convinced that Emma is a heartless gold-digger), and the kid next door who desperately wants to be a vet but finds himself next-in-line to take over his father's meat-distribution company. And Mason, God bless him, is slowly learning that order and serenity are less appealing than he'd once thought, particularly when love and Chaos are on offer.

Lee Morgan dreams of raising the ideal ranch horse-one that has speed, stamina, and heart. On her Texas spread near the town of Burnt Rock, the high-spirited woman heads her own horse ranch operation. It's an unusual occupation for a female in the 1870s, but as an expert horsewoman and a crack shot with a rifle, she's quite adept at taking care of herself. 
Determined to gain fame for her fine horses, Lee agrees to enter her magnificent coal-black stallion in a match race, never dreaming she's about to set into motion a string of events that will threaten herself, her ranch, and her friend-town marshall, Ben Flood. As gamblers, gunslingers, and shysters descend on Burnt Rock to bet on the now-famous race, Lee comes face-to-face with sinister men who seek to destroy her plans. Her true courage and strong faith shine through when she embarks on the most thrilling ride of her life.
The first in a series of western novels, Stallions at Burnt Rock is a masterfully spun tale of a strong, virtuous heroine. It will captivate romance novel enthusiasts as well as fans of westerns and adventure.

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