Blogging 101--> How to schedule your posts to go live at a specific date and time?

If you wish to have your post automatically published at your set date and time then all you have to do is follow the below steps. :)

Step 1: Write your post.
Step 2: Click "Schedule" on the right side panel of the window and select "Set date and time".

Step 3: Enter the time and date you want the post to be published on. Click "Done".

Step 4: Click "Publish". Don't worry. The post will go live only on the date and time you have selected.

I hope you find these steps helpful. Do leave your comments to tell me if this worked for you and what else would you like to know about.


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  1. Ah thanks, I always wondered how bloggers do that, that will be a great help actually as I can write posts up and just schedule them right on blogger without having to remind myself or do it before I go to work in the morning.

    1. Its handy..Isnt it! Knowing this trick has already helped me with a lot of my work.. :)
      I am so happy that you found it helpful too.. :)

  2. ooooooh. I would set the date and time, and then I would save it as a draft, I didn't know you were supposed to click publish. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    1. Oh Kym..You are making me cry now.. I am so happy that you found the steps helpful..Go schedule your posts and enjoy life! :) :)


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