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#BookReview--> Taming of the Shennans #2- The Tycoon's Kiss by Jane Porter

Title and Author: TheTycoon's Kiss by Jane Porter
Series: Taming of the Shennans #2
Print Length: 152 Pages
Publication Date: April 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review:

Taylor Harris is a bookworm who loves her new job as Marietta's new librarian. Preferring to curl up with a good book rather than party and go out, Taylor is reluctant to go the Valentine Ball and that too with Marietta's Most Eligible Bachelor, Troy Sheenan. Completely out of her league, Troy is devilishly handsome, a certified playboy and too rich for her taste and add to this the daunting news that he is her best friend, Jane's ex who still loves him, Taylor is seriously thinking of skipping the event!

"Taylor had been a book lover her entire life and, even at twenty-six, loved nothing more than curling up and getting lost in a great story, reading until the early hours of the morning. So what if it meant she never got enough sleep? Books were her life, her passion."

Troy left Marietta to leave behind the sadness and dissatisfaction of his earlier life. But now he is back in town for the grand re-opening of his Hotel and also setup to take the town's librarian, Taylor with him to the Valentine Ball organized in his hotel. What he doesn't expect is for Taylor to be more reluctant to go with him than he is with her! Intrigued, Troy decides to know the librarian more and ultimately take her to the ball to show her the real pleasures of his companionship. :)

Full of fun, great characters, a captivating plot and great dialogues, I loved TheTycoon's Kiss by Jane Porter. I had read the first book in the series, Christmas At Copper Mountain and totally loved and enjoyed it. Jane does not disappoint in the second book also where she gives the readers a sensuous, soulful romance, a tightly plotted story and heartfelt emotions.

Taylor's character is just like me. Yay! I instantly felt like the author was describing me.:)
Taylor loves to hideaway with books. She is not easy with going to parties and would rather stay at home and curl up with a good book. Shy, more interested in books than in dresses, makeup etc., Taylor is kind, responsible and strong. She is expertly caring and handling her brother's fragile condition and is strong enough to stand up to people who throw hurdles in her way. New in town, she is dealing with the changed environment, challenges at work and difficulties with her family, beautifully and is determined to make a life for her and her brother in Marietta. With no time for boys, it was fun to see Taylor fumble and her voice quaver against the expert seduction of Troy. :)

Troy is strong, loyal, kind and responsible. Despite his playboy ways he never leads a woman and is very clear about their relationship dynamics. Running away from the happily-ever-after, it was deliciously satisfying to see him fall head-over-heals in love with Taylor and watch him seduce, wine and dine her without her knowing that she was being lead on! :)

Jane keeps the base of her subsequent books in this series as well as the other series she is planning to be based in Marietta. Old secrets are revealed, characters introduced and the reader intrigued to know more about the subsequent events. The writing style is witty, funny, captivating and yet simple. The dialogues are perky and make you laugh, cry and teach valuable lessons with some simple words strung together.

The only small glitch was the ending where I did feel the last part was a bit hurried. Other than this,  The Tycoon's Kiss is a book that will make you remember the first time you fell in love and also make you feel like Cinderella in a Ball with your Prince Charming waiting for you.

A fitting leisure read which promises and delivers great entertainment and a satisfying broad smile after you have finished the book, I give  TheTycoon's Kiss a 4.5 out of 5 and recommend it to all romance lovers. I look forward to reading more from Jane in the future. :)

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

1) "I'm not a hermit. I'm just an introvert, which means I like people, but I don't find parties exciting. They tire me out."

2) "Don't live to please others. Don't think everyone else knows what's right or true. Listen to yourself, and be true to yourself. That way, no matter what else happens in life, you will always have your self-respect."

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