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#BookReview--> Texas Heroes: The Gallaghers of Morning Star #1- Texas Secrets by Jean Brashear

Title and Author: Texas Secrets by Jean Brashear
Series: Texas Heroes: The Gallaghers of Morning Star
Print Length: 195 Pages
Publication Date: December 2013 (First Published in 1999)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

My Review:
Maddie Collins' world falls apart when she comes to know that all she knew about her Dad was one big lie. Left with a ranch house in the remote town of Morning Star in Texas, by a man named Sam Gallagher, who claims he did wrong by her father and hopes to make it right by leaving her ancestral home to her, Maddie is determined to know everything about the family she didn't know she was part of and also take this time to sort out her own life. Having found her fiance cheating on her, Maddie is restless and a thirty day stay at the ranch house, as part of the terms of the will made by Sam, seems most welcoming. But what she doesn't know is that the whole ranch was supposed to go to Sam Gallagher's sons Boone and Mitch and Boone is unlikely to take this development kindly.

Bitter and angry with his life and his father who didn't even try to meet him one last time before his death, Boone Gallagher has been wandering since years and now plans to settle at the only place he ever called home.

What will happen when he knows about his father's designs and his final settlements of his estate?
Will Maddie and Boone be able to come to terms with their present?
What was the reason for Maddie's father to leave his family behind and never tell his daughter and wife about his past?
What will happen when the past is revealed?
Will Maddie be able to live with this knowledge?
Can Boone settle his past demons, find his brother and forgive his tyrant father?

Although I have read several books on this concept but I just loved this book. Intriguing, intense, mysterious, sensuous and heartwarming, the story has everything to entertain and pamper the reader. While reading the book I felt like I was going back to my own home and could feel each and every emotion felt by the protagonists whether it be the sadness, bitterness and angst of Boone or Maddie's confusion and determination to know her past.

The writing is engaging and engrossing and keeps the reader at the edge of his seat till the very end. The characterization is expertly done with just the right amount of everything to make the people in the story seem real. The descriptions of places and events is vivid and instantly creates a picture in the mind of the reader. I loved the whole ranching and living in the wild wild west experience as a reader and hope to visit a place just like Morning Star someday. :)

The emotional quotient of the story is strong and the author is able to make the reader feel each and every emotion felt by her characters. The chemistry between Maddie and Boone is hot, sensuous and makes the reader wish fervently for a happily-ever-after for them.

The mystery and suspense element is also admirably used by the author and she intrigues the readers so  much so that I had many theories running in my head while I read the book. The author has the flair for writing and she impresses the reader with her technique and style. Multiple awards winning author, Jean proves that she is fully capable of entertaining and hooking the readers to her stories while also making them eagerly wait for her upcoming works.

Thoroughly entertained, I am eager to read the next books in the series and highly recommend this book and the series to everyone. A 5 out of 5 to Texas Secrets and I look forward to reading more from Jean in the future.

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Book 1: Texas Secrets by Jean Brashear
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Book 3: Texas Bad Boy by Jean Brashear
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  1. Nikita, thank you SO much! I'm delighted you love this story--writing it was such a pleasure, and I'm having such fun with the 9 books that follow. I'm very grateful to you for taking the time to read the book and to write this lovely review!

    1. Thanks for liking the review Jean.. Loved reading the book and I am definitely going to read the other books in this series..:)

  2. Nikita, I'm SO delighted you love this book! Writing it was a real pleasure, and it's been such fun to continue the series (in which Maddie and Boone make other appearances) for 9 more books so far. Thank you for taking the time to read the book and to write this lovely review!


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