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Are you resisting change? ~Tips to brave your insecurities and strive towards change to improve your life!

Are you resisting change?
Do you make excuses for not making an effort to change your life?
Do you complain more?
Do you feel dissatisfied with your life?
Despite the dreams of a better life; are you afraid to take the plunge?
Does thinking of change only bring negative feelings to your mind?
Have you convinced yourself to settle for less just to avoid change?

If all this is happening to you, then my friend it is time that you brave your insecurities and strive towards a change.

What is change?

Change is an act or process through which something becomes different.

Now this difference can be good or bad. Most people consider change as bad. Maybe because they have had negative experiences in the past whenever change has entered their lives. So now, when they think about change it brings only negative feelings for them rather than any positive ones. They are happy or have convinced themselves that they are happy in their small bubble of a constant and monotonous life with no windows to show them the life they can have if they only try for a change with time.

I read this phrase once and it has stuck with me ever since. People who resist Change let "Life Happen" to them, verses "Happen to Life"

So don't stop dreaming and adapting. Change is the law of life and if you don't grow with time, this feeling of denial will become the greatest regret that you ever have.

Here are a few lessons that life has taught me about embracing a change:

1) Set believable expectations from your life.

If you have too high expectations from your life and if they don't get fulfilled, you will be filled with a sense of negativity. But if you set believable/reasonable expectations and they get fulfilled you will be filled with positive thoughts and an inspiration to keep on changing with time. Having no or reasonable expectations helps us in understanding that trying for an end is possible from our side but always getting the desired result is not in our hands.

2) Follow the "Three A" principle.



So go accept your situations, adapt to the required changes in your life and only then will you achieve the life that you have always dreamed of! 

3) Learn from your past experiences.

There is a learning hidden in every experience that we face. Learn from your mistakes and take steps to never repeat them in the future.

4) Acknowledge that you are growing stronger.

Accept that you are getting stronger with each experience and each change in your life. You are gaining wisdom to endure the future storms of difficulties that may strike you.

5) Embrace the fear.

Fear of change is common with everyone. We all fear change. We don't want to come out of our comfort zones and try something which has no sure-shot success guarantee. But once you embrace your fears and make a change only then will you get the life you always wanted because "Success lies beyond fear"Embrace your fears and make a change because "Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change"! :)

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