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#GuestPost--> Distances by Rahul Marar

                      by Rahul Marar

Distances, separation, farewell these are some things which we cannot stand. When we were kids we actually didn't realize what it means to part our ways, changing places, schools were linked with excitement; excitement of exploring new places, a new school and making new friends. But now as an adult, I have an altogether different opinion.
I never appreciated the distances, separation and missing. Though I liked to be in a new place, exploring the faces unknown to me but then whenever I’m away from those I love, my parents, my best friends, my love towards them has only deepened, something which we don’t realize when they are with us. Every time I’m away and think about them made me realize how much I’m incomplete without them. The intensity of love I felt for my school and teachers on the day of my farewell wasn't the same when I was studying there. My friend was with me even in the empty streets, early in the morning while going to our Sanskrit tuitions.
And today, I was walking down the once empty street which led to my school, gazing at the passersby who had come there for their morning walk to see what changes, if any, had taken place in my absence. There wasn't a single change, the time stopped for me. Suddenly my phone rang and it was my mother. I had to reach home way before and I was late. I quickened my steps and moved briskly towards the cycle stand where I had parked my bike. I started my bike and looked back towards the school, something cried aloud in my heart.
Well, that is the way life is all about. We are travelers by birth. We are travelling from one place to another. But we never forget the places, the people- our places, our people. These distances echoes only one thing, even after distances, separations and farewells, the relationship with our friends, parents, and the sense of belonging with our places should only blossom.

As someone said; “The only thing constant in life is change”

About Rahul Marar:

He’s a Dreamer. Mechanical Engineer in making. Cannot live without books. Passionate about writing. Writes for a newspaper. Huge fan of Farhan Akhtar, Kamal Hasan, Azim Premji, Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer, Sudha Murthy and Ruskin Bond. He co-founded The WordBite .

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