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Movie Review--> Captain America: The Winter Soldier

When you go to see a Marvel movie you expect to see some pretty awesome stunts, God like superheroes with swoon worthy bodily attributes, dangerous villains, terror inducing and awe inspiring weapons and a thrilling experience which stays with you for days or even months after you have seen the movie making you go back and watch it any number of times with no loss in its appeal!

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes the audience on a yet another dangerous, thrilling, goosebumps inducing ride in present day Washington D.C where The United States, although free is now threatened by a covert and deeply rooted society called the Hydra. Meanwhile SHIELD's Director, Alexander Pierce played by Robert Redford, is planning on launching weapons which will eliminate any threat even before it itself realizes its potential! :)

Add a Nazi era villain to the mix, The Winter Soldier, who will destroy anyone and anything in his path to get the ultimate power over the world for Hydra and a super secretive and somewhat shady, Director Fury ( played by Samuel L. Jackson) and you have a spicy mix of secrets, grey situations and a suspicious outlook towards everyone.

Captain America is restless and undecided on his ideals in the present day world. Struggling to adjust to the present day situations and adapt to his changed responsibilities which often conflict with his ingrained morality, it is very interesting to see how he will face the ruthless, unemotional and his complete opposite opponent, The Winter Soldier.

"Trust no one." Fury tells him and so starts a battle where no one is to be trusted and anyone can be Hydra!

Will Captain America be able to save the world from the Winter Soldier and will he survive after this?
Who is the Winter Soldier and why is he out to get Captain America specifically?

I loved Chris Evans as Steve Rogers or Captain America yet again with his classic good boy innocence, kind and beseeching eyes and his beautiful transformation into the super warrior Captain America without losing his very appealing innocence and idealistic morality. Only some actors can pull off this very difficult mix of innocence, fragility and strength at once and Chris Evans plays his part to perfection. He often seems almost naive and even frail very unlike the hardened fighter that he is and this is an appeal only present with him.Samuel Jackson as Fury is his usual splendid self and even when he is venturing in the grey, we know that ultimately he is the good guy. His presence is strong and his acting perfect as Nick Fury. Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce is amazing and makes his presence felt in the movie with his classically great acting and throws the audience some very interesting but very shocking twists. Scarlett Johansson is the only woman character given so much limelight and she proves that she is one great actor by her flawless acting and dangerous stunts as Natasha or The Black Widow. Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier inspires fear and a chill in the hearts of the viewers with his picture perfect acting and even the lack of dialogues does nothing to diminish his presence. Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson or Falcon is funny, vivacious and daring. His presence makes the otherwise very dark movie, so much fun. His acting is great, his stage presence strong and he is funny. :)
Last but not the least, Toby Jones as Dr. Zola inspires fear, hate and anger with his classic acting and even though he has a very short role but still he makes the viewers remember him from among a hoard of characters. :)

The direction is crisp and the editing first class. As soon as you start feeling that a scene is stretching, the flow changes and you are thrown head first in another intensely satisfying scene connected beautifully with the previous and the subsequent one. The photography is skillful and vividly captures the surroundings, making all events and actions so real as if we are there. All aspects of the movie are beautifully handled to give us a story which is both captivating and thrilling.

Intense action, great editing, expert photography, elaborate sets, great makeup and costumes, skilled direction and great actors make this movie worth every rupee spent. A strong recommendation that you go watch the movie and do wait till after the end credits to ensure that you don't miss the secret endings. I am told that there are two of them in this movie. I seem to have missed the second one. :(

A full 4.5 out of 5 to  Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So go watch, enjoy and I hope the next part releases soon. Do let me know if there really were two endings. :)

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  1. Wonderful Review Nikita, Lovely to see you branching out.. :)

  2. Great review, I absolutely loved this film! Evans was brilliant as ever, I loved Falcon and I'm happy that Nick Fury had such a big role. I'd watched two or three Marvel movies before I realised there were after credit scenes at all.. I now refuse to leave the cinema until I know for sure that I haven't missed anything haha!

    1. Thanks Vicki..:)
      Yeah I too sit till the end..Only this time I was just too hungry to wait and I didn't expect a second secret ending.. :(

  3. Brilliant review! You loved it just as much as I did, such a brilliant film and superb sequel. I thought Falcon was a brilliant character. Yes, there were two endings, but you didn't miss too much.

    I am really excited for the next instalment now, this did not disappoint at all. Thanks for the great review, can't wait for your next one :)

    1. Thanks so much.. I was a bit sad at having missed out on the second ending.. :)


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