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Book Review--> Love after Marriage by Bhagya Chandra

Title and Author: Love after Marriage by Bhagya Chandra
Print Length: 399 Pages
Publication Date: Bhagya Chandra (January 22, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Writing, Family life

Book Review:
Deepak and Roshni are paired together by their families in an arranged marriage which is in conflict with Deepak's plans for his future and his ideas of love. While Roshni is happily dreaming of a future with her new groom, Deepak's confession after marriage shatters their life and what follows is a new struggle to find a stability in their new world.

I took up this book after getting supremely attracted to its cover. The cover is so beautiful! I want that sari, jewelry and the same mehendi (henna art)! :)

While the cover promised an interesting book, I was overall just disappointed by it. The writing is average and the dialogues look superficial. The plot is good but the execution fails miserably. I seriously tried liking the book but just couldn't.

The story just drags with no pace, poor characterization that does not make the settings and people seem real and a repetitive story with no new treatment.

I give Love after Marriage a 2 out of 5

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