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Book Review--> Love Sees No Reason by Reshma Ranjan

Title and Author: Love sees no reason
Print Length: 200 Pages
Publication Date: Shree Books; First edition (2014)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Writing

Book Review:

Identical twins and a woman with a secret...
Suraj is the gentleman brother who suddenly marries Ria, a virtual stranger and as if this is not enough, they adopt a child soon after marriage. Suhaan is unable to fathom the reason behind Suraj's actions and being away from home, he thinks the worst of Ria.

The death of Suraj brings Suhaan back home and when he comes across Ria, for whom he has already formed the worst notions, it is as if the world stops. A petite woman with average features, Ria is an enigma to Suhaan. Sometimes she seems sincere, loving and a caring woman while at the other times, she is just like the woman he thinks that she is; a gold digger! Unable to make any sense of his strong attraction towards her, Suhaan is frustrated. Ria too is confused. 

What will happen to these two?
Why did Suraj marry Ria?
Can Ria ever make Suhaan think better of her without revealing her true reason for marrying Suraj?
Is there attraction towards each other love or just lust?
Can two people who think the worst of each other ever fall in love?

All these and more questions assail the readers when they pick up Reshma's book, Love sees no reason. The cover is eye catching and the blurb intriguing and together these will make the reader pick this book up to read.

A convenient marriage, a secret and two people stuck in the middle, this book gives us a solid M&B style romance with an alpha hero and an mysterious heroine. Ria seems submissive in the first part but, thank God, she comes out of her shell and faces Suhaan's caveman style admirably. The storyline is tightly plotted with just the right amount of suspense thrown in at planned junctures in the story. 

The characterization is good and I could easily connect with Ria. She has faced so much in her life and too much is happening in the present too. I could empathize with her and fervently hoped that she get her "happily-ever-after". Suhaan, on the other hand, is a dominant personality. Endowed with good looks, he has always got what he wanted. His alpha male behaviour with Ria is sometimes thrilling and sometimes annoying. He is also unreliable. Sometimes he is so gentle that it contradicts his previous dominant ways and sometimes he is just too crude that again he leaves the readers confused. This unreliability is perfect in my opinion because it builds an interest in the story. Suraj's character is very beautifully sketched and the author is able to make the readers feel for him. Other characters do their part and fit perfectly in the story.

The romance between Ria and Suhaan is sensuous and sizzling in intensity. Looking like lust, the author expertly handles the physical aspect of the relationship with the emotional side and gives some very memorable scenes between these two. The relationship between Suraj and Ria is again very beautifully portrayed and the author succeeds in enchanting the readers with their friendship and companionship. Friendship, supporting companionship, intense romance and unending love, Reshma gives it all in her book.

Written in simple language and an engaging style, I got very interested in the book and finished it in one sitting. A well paced and beautifully executed story with ample drama, suspense, romance and finally a "happily-ever-after" which entertains and makes the readers feel the happiness in the air, I give Love sees no reason a 4 out of 5 and definitely look forward to reading more from the author. A must read for all romantics out there. :)

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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