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Book Review--> Three Days To Find A Wife by Gen LaGreca

Title and Author: Three Days to Find a Wife by Gen LaGreca
Print Length: 34 Pages
Publication Date: June 2013
Language: English
Genre: Short Story, humorous, romance

Book Review:
Three Days to Find a Wife follows the shy, introvert accountant Henry Elridge as he tries to find a suitable bride in three days. At his wits, Henry doesn't know what he wants in a wife.

"I was a loner. I had no girlfriend. I knew nothing about how to find one, much less drag her to the altar in three days!"

He has to find one before three days are over or he would "have to  roll over and play dead to get a biscuit from Muffin."

Highly humorous and an innovative romance that entertains, Three Days to Find a Wife made me laugh, chuckle and then laugh some more. :)

Very beautifully written, Gen LaGreca has the talent for storytelling and she has made this short story a memorable read. I loved the story and the expertise with which the author turned the simple, every day and monotonous situations into laughter inducing, heart lightening events. I am definitely going to checkout more of her work. :)

If you are looking for a clean, funny, light and entertaining romance with a moral to the story then this is the book for you. Short, sweet and tickling I give Three Days to Find a Wife a 4.5 out of 5.

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