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Promo Tour Schedule and Review Tour Signup: "The Evolution of Gods" by Dr. Ajay Kansal

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I am happy to announce that the promo tour for The Evolution of Gods: The Scientific Origin of Divinity and Religions by Dr. Ajay Kansal starts May 15th to 21st. You can also sign up for the review tour in june. Form present at the end of the post. The book is a thrilling, enriching and very interesting non-fiction dealing with the supreme puzzle of the evolution of Gods.


Is there really a God out there, or is it something that human created so we could have something or someone to fear in cases where we go wrong? 

Did gods create humanity or did humans create gods?

This book explains why, when and how humanity invented various religions and gods. 

The process began around 100,000 years ago; during this epoch, many nomadic human bands, all over the world, invented primitive languages and began to decipher each happening around them. Whatever they could not comprehend, their chiefs or priests attributed to some unseen power. 

At some point in time, we do not kn
ow exactly when it happened, humans invented an activity: they began to worship each seen or unseen power, which was beyond their control, but could either harm or help them. They invented almost identical methods of worship, such as folding their hands, bowing, kneeling, floral offering, prayers and sacrifices. 

For example, anthropologists believe that during the last Ice Age, humans had largely inadequate protection against cold; their survival depended largely upon available sunlight—something beyond their control. In that scenario, solar worship was a logical outcome. In a similar manner, they found thunder and lightning inexplicable and frightening; gradually, they began to worship the sky as a god. There is enough historical evidence to assert that the ancestors of Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Muslims worshiped the sun and the sky, before their religions came into practice. 

The ability to speak and share their ideas helped humans invent many useful devices such as hearths, stitching needles, leathers and footwear. With their aid, they began to lead an easier, healthier and safer life. Consequently, their population began to increase: approximately 10,000 years ago, it exploded to such an extent that they faced a food crisis. Since necessity is the mother of inventions, several human bands invented the technique of cultivation. Farming necessitated them to settle down near fields and ultimately gave rise to homes, villages, cities and civilizations. Gradually, farmers began to face famine caused by droughts and floods. The priests of several places in the world visualized fertility gods and goddesses behind the growth of their crop, and people began to worship them. 

Around 3,000 years ago, cultivation paved the way for another population explosion. At the same time, a sedentary lifestyle exposed people to pets, rodents, mosquitoes, houseflies and other parasites. All these factors together gave rise to devastating new diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid and plague. Furthermore, huge population instigated social diseases such as poverty, inequality, injustice, crime and exploitation. Consequently, most people were forced to lead miserable lives no better than hell. Around this time, several saints such as the Buddha and Moses visualized the remedies of human sufferings. Contemporary priests transcribed their teachings as the holy scriptures. These books mentioned worship of new gods, sacrifices, magic or morals to eradicate human miseries: the miserable masses had no option but to follow those advices. These scriptures fashioned the organized religions of today. Thus, history demonstrates that whenever humans faced a new challenge, priests invented a more useful deity and consigned the older one to oblivion. 

Although humanity invented gods to wrestle with their mysteries and miseries, religious dogmas halted the progress of science, facilitated human exploitation, instigated many massacres and wars throughout history and ultimately gave rise to modern terrorism. The knowledge about the evolution of gods may vaccinate the readers against the disease of fanaticism. 

Let us think for a moment why humanity developed several relig
ious concepts but only one science. For example, one dogma avers idol worship and the other asserts the contrary: scientific principles have no such ambiguities. There is a concrete reason behind this contradiction: about one thing or concept there is only one truth, but there can be many lies. This book is an effort to light a candle in the darkest corner of human consciousness.

 The Evolution of Gods

Buying Links:
Amazon.com: Paperback | Kindle Ebook
Amazon.in: Paperback | Kindle Ebook
Flipkart.com: Paperback | EBook

Readers' verdicts of the book on Amazon & Flipkart

"This book was one of my first reads and am glad that I read it.........this book teaches you to become a human being and not a Hindu or Muslim or christian or whatever....in my opinion this book should be included in the syllabus of schools so that children know the real meaning of the term"God".......a must read....I recommend this book to each and every human being on the earth!....double thumbs up!!" ~Pragya on Flipkart

"The book should be there in every Indian household. For in spite of scientific advancement, learned people still believe in "karma" and "God" theories." ~Kantilal on Flipkart

"Well written, well researched, and loaded with interesting facts. " ~Joseph Hunter on Amazon

"This book changed by age-old convictions" ~Abhishek on Amazon

Promo Tour Schedule:
15th May - Kisha @ Indie Author How-to - Top Tens {Stop 1}
Privy Trifles @ Reviews and Musings - Spotlight {Stop 2}
16th May - Sundari Venkatraman @ Flaming Sun - Spotlight {Stop 1}
Privy Trifles @ Reviews and Musings - Interview {Stop 2}
17th May - Privy Trifles @ Reviews and Musings - Guest Post
18th May - Laki @ Laki Loves Indies - Spotlight
19th May - Rubina @ The Book Club - Spotlight & Guest Post
20th May - Jillian @ Jillian's Books - Guest Post
21st May - Nikita @ Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff - Spotlight & Interview

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