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FREEBIE & BARGAIN books quota is a Monday and Thursday feature which will feature FREE and BARGAIN eBooks/Paperbacks that I read recently or want to read and which is/are available at a BARGAIN or FREE currently

Checkout these FREE and BARGAIN deals. Enjoy! :)

PS: Please be aware that prices may change at any time. Before clicking the "BUY" button make sure to verify the price.

 Free-bargain books

Kindle Deals:

Three Days to Find a Wife by Gen LaGreca
Shy, introverted accountant Henry Eldridge has literally three days to find a wife—or else something unthinkable will happen. And he hasn’t even begun looking. In his frantic search to find the ideal woman for him and to drag her to the altar in three days, he learns something that will change his life forever. 

Maybe his discovery will change your life, too? 

“THREE DAYS TO FIND A WIFE” is a lighthearted, upbeat short story about dating, romance, and mishaps on the road to finding out what really counts in oneself and others. 

This romantic adventure is written by award-winning novelist Gen LaGreca. 

Step-By-Step, Easy Success Tips To Making Jewelry Made By You. Yes the this is the exciting new guide for anyone that wants, to go from designing, making their own jewelry not just for themselves, but for others. What if I told you, that you could have this valuable information for less than a McDonald's Big Mac®? Well, now you can with this super exciting book which contains proven steps and strategies on how to turn your passion into something beautiful and profitable. Jewelry is one of the most popular searches on the internet and brick and mortar world. Would you like to become a part of this burgeoning niche? Or would you just like simple steps to make your own jewelry? Maybe, even to be the envy of your friends? Well, you will certainly become the jewelry making expert.

Once Upon an Outlaw by Lissa Larer
Fairy Tale Love...Western Style! Dime Novelist Josie Hart Penned Tales About The Wild West... But when she moved to Livingston, Oregon with her newly hired sheriff brother, determined to find inspiration for a new story, the town proved to be much too tame. Then, a chance encounter put her face-to-face with outlaw Cole Riley. Or is he? Hard to tell for sure when the locals know him by another name. Tall, wickedly handsome and eyes the color of gun-metal gray, fate, she believed, brought them together. So she decided to do what any inquiring writer would do. She made him her new research. 

What's A Wanted Man To Do? With plans of opening a saloon, and living a law-abiding life, Cole doesn't need or want Miss Spitfire distracting him. Having his alias blown could mean going to prison. But when a pal from his past requests a favor-returning an orphan nearly halfway across state-Cole soon realizes he needs the woman whose trailing him. Still, he can't help but wonder what's in it for her. The reward? It's only for one week, then they'd be going their separate ways. But along the wilderness, tempting kisses and pretending wedded bliss, he finds he likes it. And her.

Professional renovator Tish Amble decided long ago that staying in one place is about as exciting as peeling wallpaper from plaster. So before the paint in each newly transformed home is dry, Tish is researching her next move. This time she chooses a small town in Michigan with a dilapidated Victorian that challenges her imagination.
But Tish's idyllic small-town dream fizzles when she finds more in the creepy basement than what was revealed on the seller's disclosure-what looks like traces of foul play. With a hovering police officer living next door and a possible love interest just two doors down, Tish has her hands full. Will she discover the truth before it's too late?

Finding Lexi by AJ Attard
Sitting in a beaten up truck, in the dark of night, Lexi Majors can't help but wonder if she is making the right decision. She has decided to leave her life behind and move back to her hometown in Texas. Alaska is a hard place to go at it alone, stiff suffering the fall out of her husbands sudden death, she is left with little choice. Still, with her son sleeping next to her, her horse in the trailer behind her, she dwells silently on the choices she has made that has led her here. With thousands of miles still to go, she will find herself back at where she began. 
Can someone really come home again? Lexi finds that home isn't exactly how she remembers it at all. In this sleepy little town where nothing happens, horses and cattle are being rustled from the good people that watched her grow up. 
Darkness didn't start to lurk until a mysterious stranger turns up out of nowhere. But is he to blame or is it just a wild coincidence? 
The only thing that she finds that is the same is the feeling she has for her first love, hell her first everything, Luke Henderson. 
Can Lexi find her place in this strange but familiar place? 
Will she finally find a home, and a love that can last through the troubling times ahead?

$0.99 Only deal!
8 Full length romance novels from bestselling authors.

$0.77 only deal!
This 12-book boxed set is packed exclusively with Top 100 bestselling romance novels! The collection includes NINE New York Times bestselling authors and ELEVEN from USA Today. The books in this set have received 1200 rave reviews and sold over 350,000 copies on their own.

$2.83 deal!
11 full length novels from top Indie Authors.

$0.99 only deal!
Amazon Top 40 Bestseller!
Amazon #1 Bestseller in Romantic Suspense!
Amazon #1 Bestseller in Hot New Releases!
Amazon Top 2 Bestseller in Anthologies!
Amazon Top 20 Bestseller in Romance!
Amazon Top 2 Bestseller in Mystery/Suspense!

$0.99 only deal!
A Place Called Home ... 
Far Hills Ranch has been the Suslands’ beloved Wyoming home for more than a century. But with it has come the legend of a family curse. Now, according to the legend, the current far-flung Suslands are the last with a chance to lift the curse . . . whether they believe in it or not. 

To fulfill the legend’s demands, these cousins must face personal challenges and risk their hearts, all for the sake of . . . 

A Place Called Home 

$0.99 only deal!
A selection of tasty treats put together especially for Mother's Day. From the ruggedly beautiful land that is Montana, come these tales of love and romance from some of the genre's best selling and award winning authors. 
And the bonus is, they're entirely calorie free! 

Book Deals: 
Amazon India Must Have Book Deals:

Rs. 167
A compilation of heart-warming stories about Indian mothers in the bestselling Chicken Soup series.

Rs. 350
Rs. 210
Can a teenager plan a Big Fat Indian Wedding in America? It's been seven years since mom died and dad's raised Mini to know more about computers, calculus and cars than desi weddings but ever since Mini saw the jewelry mom left them, she's wanted her sister to have the wedding mom would have planned.

The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy
Rs. 175
Rs. 98
The Secret Wish List revolves around the life of the protagonist Diksha at the time when she was in her teens and a striking disparity in her life 18 years later. At the tender age of 16, Diksha is like just another typical teenager juggling with school, boys, gossip and fun with her best friend until one day when everything changes. An innocent teenage crush invites a string of irreversible events that change her life forever. 18 years later, Diksha who once was a happy-go-lucky and carefree teenager is now a woman with entirely opposite traits. Married to a successful professional and a mother to a young boy, she is a bored housewife wearing the mask of being happily married. An unexpected incident opens up avenues for Diksha to give her life a second chance. and thus, she creates a secret wish list in the hope to fulfill her desires. Will she be able to brave through this journey while dealing with the complexity of an extramarital affair? Will she be able to succeed in the quest for rediscovering herself? The Secret Wish List is about the journey of a woman towards getting her happy life back. It is about her dreams and aspirations and the quest for finding out whether true love exists or not.

The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Rs. 399
Rs. 248
A retelling of the timeless Indian epic, the Mahabharata with a modern twist The Palace of Illusions takes us back to a time that is half-history, half-myth, and wholly magical; narrated by Panchaali, the wife of the five Pandava brothers, we are finally given a woman's take on the timeless tale that is the Mahabharata Tracing Panchaali's life from fiery birth and lonely childhood, where her beloved brother is her only true companion; through her complicated friendship with the enigmatic Krishna; to marriage, motherhood and Panchaali's secret attraction to the mysterious man who is her husbands' most dangerous enemy. The Palace of Illusions is a deeply human novel about a woman born into a man's world, a world of warriors, gods and the ever manipulating hands of fate.

Mahashweta by Sudha Murty
Rs. 250
Rs. 162
Anupama looked into the mirror and shivered with shock. A small white patch had now appeared on her arm.’ Anupama’s fairytale marriage to Anand falls apart when she discovers a white patch on her foot and learns that she has leukoderma. Abandoned by her uncaring in-laws and insensitive husband, she is forced to return to her father’s home in the village. The social stigma of a married woman living with her parents, her stepmother’s continual barbs and the ostracism that accompanies her skin condition force her to contemplate suicide. Determined to rebuild her life against all odds, Anupama goes to Bombay where she finds success, respect and the promise of an enduring friendship. Mahashweta is an inspiring story of courage and resilience in a world marred by illusions and betrayals. This poignant tale offers hope and solace to the victims of the prejudices that govern society even today.

Rs. 299
Rs. 195
The best of a lifetime of stories from a short story writer of rare distinction. Ruskin Bond’s stories are predominantly set in the beautiful hill country of Garhwal where he has made his home for the last twenty-five years. Some of these stories present people who, consciously or otherwise, need each other: people in love or in need of love, the awkward adolescent and the timid lover. Some are gently satirical studies about village and small-town braggarts and petty officials. Several others mourn the gradual erosion of the beauty of the hills (and the gentle people who live in them) with the coming of the steel and dust and worries of modern civilization. All the stories are rewarding for their compassionate portrayal of love, loss, accomplishment, pain and struggle.

Rs. 295
Rs. 170
This book deals with the universal questions and dilemmas faced by women anywhere in the world but within a framework and a context which is uniquely Indian. The book resonates with the voices of women who have sometimes intentionally and sometimes serendipitously found their own truth amid chaos, hope in dark times, courage and love in adversity. From author Shashi Deshpande's quest to keep the writer in her alive through domesticity to Soni Razdan's brush with a dream debut to women who have lived many lifetimes in their kitchens and work places, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Indian Women is a heartwarming recipe for all those looking for a brimful of inspiration and good cheer on a rainy day.

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