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Movie Review--> X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men is a franchise that has earned the trust of the fans to always entertain and this time too it fulfills its promise. A dark, thrilling start with coffin like spaceships shooting bodies in the air towards the land, the viewers are left aghast at the devastation left behind by these bodies which are apparently a sort of robots called the Sentinels made to destroy all mutants. The world has been left in ruins with the human as well as the mutant race on the brink of extinction. The only solution to save the humans and the mutants is to send Logan (Wolverine) back in time to the year 1973 and stop the sequence of events that led to their present situation!

Out of the box thinking, terrific acting, A- class star cast and exciting action sequences make this movie worth every penny spent. Jennifer Lawrence is a terrific actress and if she did a admirable job in the previous movies as mystique then just wait and watch her in this movie. She is completely awesome! A vulnerable, confused girl as Raven and a dangerous, unbalanced mutant as Mystique; she plays her role to perfection. Hugh Jackman is his usual splendid self and plays Wolverine with ease. The variations in his character are flawlessly portrayed by him and as always one is left totally thrilled watching him on the big screen. The older Professor X, Patrick Stewart; and Magneto, Ian McKellan have limited roles here but their performance is perfectly A-class. Their younger selves, McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Fassbender as Eric enchant the fans with their power pack performances. The actors playing Kitty, Beast, Iceman etc. also do justice to their parts and each is able snag the attention of the fans irrespective of the length of their part in the movie. However, worth noting here is the new entries, Peter Dinklage as Dr. Trask and Evan Peters as Quicksilver. The perfect villain who creates the Sentinels, Dr. Trask is a genius with a twisted admiration for the mutants. He has created the perfect weapon to end the mutant race. Quicksilver is quick and the scenes where he gets Magneto out of prison are totally magical and thrilling. Peter and Evan are sure to get a huge fan following after this movie. 

The 3D portion is okay but a bit disbalanced with the major portion in the first part and almost no effects in the second part. The climax is entertaining but the sense of urgency that should have been present is lacking. The Direction and editing is admirable. The scenes flow fluidly from one event to another. Make-up, sets, special effects and photography is as usual done by expert people who make everything believable. Several story lines are opened in the movie and a base set for the upcoming movies.

All in all, a movie worth spending money on. Go watch it and enjoy. :)

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  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

  2. Nice review! Thanks for commenting on mine and sharing yours with me. This was my first movie review so it was great seeing how another blogger does their movie reviews. I didn't see the 3D version but I can imagine that the prison break was pretty cool to see. Love this review!

    Heather @ YA Fantasy Book Junkie  


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