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Book Review--> Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring

Title and Author: Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring
Print Length: 340 Pages
Publication Date: July 2013
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA, coming of age

Book Review:
Liberty Montgomery is trapped in her role as a dutiful daughter, a perfect society diva and a member of an affluent family. She has been taught to be perfect in everything by her parents who are sure that she will make a good wife and a perfect hostess. With no independence to do anything in her life, Liberty secretly hopes of breaking her bonds and living free. Meeting Oliver, a dashing and reckless boy who has already broken his bonds to live free and who stirs in her a longing to be independent to do the simple things in life, she is seriously tempted.
But can she finally be brave enough to free herself from the total control of her parents?

The cover is beautiful and the blurb intriguing. When I got a request to review this book, I was seriously tempted after reading the blurb. The story of a girl oppressed by her parents who take every decision for her and leave no room for refusal, I could empathize with Liberty. There are many people like Liberty's parents in reality who are more concerned about their image in society and take pride in portraying themselves as being perfect. They control everything and everyone around them to suit their false persona and become furious if someone doesn't comply with them.Liberty is stuck in such a situation. She does everything her family wants her to do and just wants their love in return. But they don't care about her. She is just supposed to be pretty, well groomed, sophisticated, compliant, a good daughter, a good wife-to-be with no backbone.

The plot is very expertly conceived and executed by Belinda who brings out the essence of the subject of her book so beautifully that the reader is able to feel each and every emotion felt by the characters. The story is fast paced with sudden twists and turns and very beautifully sketched scenes.

The characterization is noteworthy and the reader is able to feel everything that the author wants to convey through her story. I loved Liberty and admired her strength and her endurance. Trapped in a suffocating family with a bitchy sister and controlling parents, she keeps her cool and doesn't break down. She still dreams and hopes for a happy and free life even though her situation is hopeless which is something that each one of us should imbibe. If I loved Liberty then I am crazy about Oliver. He is so cool. He is strong enough to have come out of a controlling family just like Liberty and taken the risk to live free. He is kind, understanding and so supportive of her that it really touched my heart to see these two together. They complement each other beautifully. There friendship, companionship and love for each other gave them strength to stand together even when everyone was against them. I hated Liberty's parents specially her mom who is snotty, pretentious and unconcerned about her daughter's aspirations and dreams. She just wants to be praised for raising the perfect daughters even if it means that she has to control them and set their life to her liking! Her sister is another snot, the exact replica of her parents but still not noticed by them which makes her really hate Liberty.

The story hooked me right from the start and kept me glued to the book till the end. The author mainly focuses on bullying and finding the strength to stand up to these bullies and although I found a few glitches in terms of the explanation to the physical abuse part but despite these glitches I loved the book and was left with a silly smile on my face and a well satisfied feeling which I get after reading a good book. A book that gives a strong message to stand up to the bullies in our lives even if they are related to us, I give  Loving Liberty 4 out of 5 stars and strongly recommend that you go read it. Belinda is a very talented writer and I wish her the very best. I hope to read more from her in the future. 

I received the book from the author and the PR and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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