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Time To Transform~Feeling competent and efficient with ASUS T100!

 ASUS T100

Technology has changed our lives. People like me who depend on technology to earn their livelihood and also to stay connected with the world, ASUS T100 solved some of my very frustrating problems. 

Firstly, I suck at typing on on-screen keyboards and can be seen swearing and muttering when forced to write even a simple message on my phone or tab. 

Secondly, I feel very uncomfortable carrying my laptop when going on a journey. It is heavy and along with my luggage, a burden to carry. To save this trouble I bought a tab but the first issue with on-screen keyboards remained alongwith the other issues of efficiency and battery life.

Thirdly, a limited battery life is another problem on journeys where charging the laptop is an issue.

The above three problems were immediately solved with ASUS T100. 
ASUS T100 has a attachable keyboard which makes it a ultraportable laptop and detaching it makes it a tab! So now I can take it anywhere with me and make it a laptop so I know that I can work anytime, anywhere!

The ASUS T100 gives the users 
  • a svelte and handy design
  • a lightweight ultraportable laptop with no compromise in efficiency
  • an Intel atom quad core processor, 
  • a long battery life of 11 hours on continuous web browsing,
  • a windows 8.1 power pack experience and 
  • a 2-in-1 experience of a laptop and a tab in one product. 
  • a lag free working, 
  • no tension of having to clear a place to keep a PC or a laptop at home,
  • also no tension of having to haul a heavy laptop with you on journeys (great isn't it!)
  • USB3.0 SuperSpeed Port that transfers files at lightening fast speed,
  • a very comfortable typing experience and 
  • meticulous designing with durable rubber that ensures proper grip, ASUS T100 is a great product for all technology junkies like me.
Whether you are a gamer, a social-through-internet person or a professional, ASUS T100 is here to cater to all your needs. 

Fluid processing, great design and a good battery and processor; what more can a user ask? 
I have all my problems solved. I can now work anywhere, connect with friends and loved ones anytime and anywhere while also indulging in pleasures of reading, gaming and surfing the net without the hackles of having to worry about battery, carrying heavy gadgets and my inability to conform to on-screen keyboards! 

With ASUS T100 as my buddy, I know I can be competent and efficient without stress anytime and anywhere while also flaunting my handsome ASUS T100 among friends!

Read more about ASUS T100 here: http://asusindia.co.in/T100/

This is my entry for Indiblogger's ASUS T100 Time to Transform contest.


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