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Book Review--> Keeping the Promises by Dhruv Gajjar

Title and Author: Keeping The Promises Paperback
Print Length: 220 Pages
Publication Date: April 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Review:
M is dying and there is nothing that Dhruv can do about it. Keeping The Promises is a poignant tale of true love that is tested in the fire of hopelessness, heart breaking grief and soul shattering adversities. Dhruv loves M and makes a new promise to her each night before she sleeps. What are these promises and how they shape the life of Dhruv as well as the people dear to M and him is very beautifully narrated in this story.

I saw the cover and then read the title. Among a horde of romances this book caught my eye on Goodreads because of its title. I was instantly intrigued by it and the intrigue turned to full on interest after reading the blurb.

The author, Dhruv Gajjar acknowledges that he is not a writer nor very well versed in grammar and punctuation but still wrote this story because he made a promise! While I felt that the book should have spent more time with the editor due to the grammatical errors and a lack of finesse in the sentences in the first half of the book but still the story enchanted me so much that I was only too happy to ignore these technical points and just feel the emotions that the author wants to convey through his story!
We take so much for granted everyday and only when something is lost or going to be lost that we really understand the importance of it. I loved the characters in the story be it the "Below average medical student" Dhruv who was happy to party all night and sweat in the gym to pump his muscles; M who was smart, fiery and so beautiful with twinkling blue eyes; Ansh who was loyal, trustworthy and hopelessly in love with a girl who he knew could not be his; Angie who was M's best friend and a girl bound by family loyalty and responsibilities. I could feel each and every emotion felt by the protagonists and although I can never truly empathize with these people but still it felt like my own heart was breaking.

The strength of love be it between two lovers or of parents' for their children or of friends for each other is hauntingly brought to notice here in this story. I could feel the pain and helplessness of M's parents who were forced to see their only child die a little every day but were unable to do anything about it. Dhruv and M's love made me relive my own memories of first love. All the planning of the future, all the lists of places to visit and the things to do, the outings together and the journey of becoming lovers from friends! 

As Dhruv realises later in the book,
"He saw M everywhere today; because there was one thing common between all of them and him, Love!
In every single event where affection was felt, he saw her. He was not alone; there were countless M and Dhruv..."

Dhruv has poured his heart out in his story and it shows. He brings M back to life in the readers' mind through his story. 

"He realised that as long as he succeeds in doing justice to their story, which he had promised, he could keep her alive. She was not dead, not yet, it was now up to him, he could make her live in people's mind forever..."

I could picture her with her sweet smile, twinkling eyes and her strength to stay positive till the very end. She lived her life to the fullest and remained smiling even when she knew how she was coming close to death each day. 

M loved Dhruv so much that her below words both touched and broke my heart.
"I will be there to look after you. I'll be somewhere in the flashlight, I will be there in the sunlight you'll feel in the morning. I'll be inside those breezes which will make you feel alive. I'll be inside your heart to make you feel happy about little things. In your successes and failures, in your ups and downs, I'll be there to provide you strength. I will be there to watch you keeping your promises."

Although this story reminded me of P.S. I Love You and The Fault in Our Stars but still this is a completely different saga that will touch your heart and make you appreciate your life and the love of your ones even more! 

I absolutely loved the book and cried my eyes out while reading it. I never met M but after reading the book feel like I know her. This book has brought me close to everyone mentioned in the story and it feels like all the events happened in front of my eyes to people I have known all my life!

A thought provoking, heartwarming and a very inspiring story of two people who loved each other even beyond death and kept their promises! The journey of a boy from the reckless youngster to the man who kept his promises to the girl he loved and whose perfect ending was designed by his dying love!

"No one, not even god can write a perfect end for you!
Unless he's dying."

5 out of 5 super shining stars to Keeping The Promises and a strong recommendation that you go read it. This book is not to be missed. Go on a life changing journey with Dhruv in this book! Hats off to the author for this brilliantly conveyed story and I hope to read more from him in the future. :)

I won the book in the "First Reads" competition held by Goodreads and am thankful to Goodreads, Dhruv Gajjar and the publishers, Write India for sending me the book. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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