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Book Review: Siren's Secret (Dark Seas #1) by Debbie Herbert

 #BookReview: Siren's Secret by Debbie Herbert
Title and Author: Siren's Secret by Debbie Herbert
Print Length: 304 Pages
Series: Dark Seas #1
Publication Date: Mills & Boon Nocturne (November 1, 2013)
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Mermaids

Book Review:

At first glance, Shelly Connors looks just like any other normal beautiful female except that she is unlike any other normal woman. She is a mermaid!
Hiding in plain sight and caught between two worlds, the human world and the under water mermaid world, Shelly's life is turned upside down when she witnesses a killer disposing a body and is in turn seen by him.

"Under autumn's moon-blood red
Beneath a foam-tipped wave
The unseen mermaid spies the dead
Sink to a watery grave."

Afraid that her secret is now known by a vicious killer and that she is now no longer safe, Shelly is at her wits end. She has to save herself as well as her species' secret while also get this serial killer apprehended.

Can she go to Sheriff Tillman Angier?
How will she explain her knowledge and how will she save her heart from falling for the tall and handsome Sheriff with intense eyes?
Can a mermaid have a future with a human?

I had never read mermaid romances so when I came across Debbie's book, I was intrigued. After spending my childhood watching Ariel, Disney's mermaid cartoon series named "The Little Mermaid", I have always been fascinated my these mystical beings.

Debbie expertly creates her world of humans and mermaids.I could visualize Shelly and her cousins under water as mermaids and on land living as normal humans. The plot is meticulously conceived and executed. A bayou, a sexy Sheriff, a dangerous serial killer, mystical mermaids living among humans and the thrill of hidden secrets, an engulfing chase and an intense romance. My day was made with this book!

"A mermaid- really? Can this be?

A creature of part land, part sea..."

The writing style of the author is simple and engaging. I specially loved the beautiful lyrical lines at the start of each chapter which give a brief preview to each chapter.

"Inside the heart of Happy Hollows

Resides the bleakness of the gallows
Broken houses with broken dreams
Rotted by sighs and tears and screams"

I loved the characterization. The characters are expertly sketched and no where do they seem unreal. I was charmed by the indepth thought the author has given to the mermaid angle and brought these creatures to life in her book. Now I will seriously look for possible mermaid signs among all the people I come across! Shelly and her cousins, Jet and Lilly are beautifully developed and Debbie incorporates the myth of mermaid beauty to the practicality of humans beautifully here. Sheriff Angier is a strong character with a deep sense of responsibility. He is dedicated to his family and leaves everything behind to care for them. The insight we get into people with autism through his brother, Eddie is soul touching and the message the author gives to people to handle such people with love and patience is not lost to the reader. The characterization of the killer is another strong point of the book. He is a man who has lost his sense of righteousness and a man with a past so dark that it drives his life of darkness. A good writer is one who makes her readers feel both for the protagonist and the antagonist and Debbie made me feel both for Shelly and for the killer. Hats off to her. This being her debut novel, she has done a splendid job of writing a story that touches our heart as well as brings great entertainment to the readers.

I was also very amused with "Chai Tea" that Shelly and her cousins drink. Now the word "Chai" in itself means Tea in Hindi language, so "Chai Tea" means Tea Tea! :)

I googled for this term and came to know that the chai that we Indians drink is the same as "Chai Tea". "Chai Tea" is just another term coined in the foreign countries. :)

The romance between Shelly and Tillman is intense and sensuous. I felt connected to these two and fervently hoped for a happily-ever-after for them. While I was engulfed in feeling the light and breezy felling of first love, I was also amply scared and frightened by the author through her killer who is hell bent on making Shelly his next target.

"In my truck, the killing jar,

You wont be going very far.
Don't think that you can get away,
I'm the hunter, you're my prey."

The author sets the stage for upcoming novels in this book and I look forward to reading the subsequent books in this series. I would love to know the story of Jet and Lilly. :)

All in all, a very entertaining paranormal romance that takes us to a beautiful bayou with cool ocean, scenic full moon and mystical mermaids who swim at night in all their glory. I really liked the book and give it a 4 out of 5 and strongly recommend it to everyone. Go read and enjoy this very entertaining novel from a very talented new author. I wish her the best and hope to read more from her in the future.

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

"Who can you trust

What do you believe
When faith turns to dust
And love becomes need."

"Words as weapons

Syllables as shots
And in the cold pauses
I know he loves me not."

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