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Review Tour Wrap up--> The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal {June 27-30}

The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal

A look back at the Tour:

#BookReview The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal is reviewed by Blogger Sanchit of Musings Of Immortals Blog and he says,

"The real beauty of the book is underlain in the fact that even though the author has argued the existence of God and given his explanations of the various myths he doesn't try to burden the reader with his philosophy." 

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PrivyTrifles of Reviews & Musings strongly recommends The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal and says,
"I would strongly recommend to each and every one, not to challenge your beliefs but to know the whys to most of the things we have believed in life till now. This one book will make you look back at it all with a skeptical mindset."

#Review of The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal by Rubina from the blog, The Book Club where she says,

"Ajay Kansal has very beautifully portrayed how the concept of religion and the fear of religion came into being. "

#Review by Geeta from the blog, Fabric of Life where she says,
"True to his observation that ‘Mankind always had an instinct to explore the mysteries around,’ Dr. Ajay Kansal has made a serious attempt to explore the mystery surrounding Gods. But has the book impacted my belief in God? No, but it definitely has me pondering about certain beliefs, certain practices."

#Review by Ruchira from the blog, Abracabadra where she says,

"The Evolution of Gods is an in-depth nonfiction on why Man depends on God, and the author takes pains to describe our history in depth from all over the world by going back centuries. It was a good revision going down our chronicle of events, which began with the essence of life and death of the man and then introduction to God, which gave birth to various religions."

#Review by Nikita from the blog, Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff where she says,

"I have always believed that there is a God and that everything that happens is part of a bigger plan known and devised by him. But The Evolution of Gods,without preaching against the existence of God, has made me question if all my beliefs are true or just made up tales to inspire fear and reverence to something greater than us!!"

#Spotlight by Vinay from the blog, Vinay_Positive.

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About the Book:
 The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal
Did gods create humanity or did humans create gods?
Did gods create mankind, or did mankind create gods? Why, when and how did mankind begin to worship gods? 
Religious scriptures the world over claim that one or the other god made all plants and animals, but science has not yet identified any supernatural power that created and governed living beings.
Was it man who came up with the idea of gods to help him cope with his own fears? 
Could it be that ancient people attributed natural phenomena-unfathomable and frightening to them-to the working of invisible gods? 
What kind of sufferings or fears made people bow before unseen powers or gods as we call them? When were these gods created? 
Who invented morals and methods of worship? 
Who wrote the ancient scriptures such as the Bible and the Vedas? 
Most crucially, have gods and the scriptures shaped our responses to the world around us? 
The Evolution of Gods seeks to answer these questions, and explains scientifically how, when and why religions and gods came into being. Ajay Kansal marshals anthropological and historical facts about the development of religions in a simple and straight forward manner to assert that it was mankind that created gods, and not the other way around.

Genre: Non Fiction, Atheism, Comparative Religion, Religion and Spirituality


About the Author:
Ajay Kansal is a professor and consultant pathologist. It was during his medical practice that he encountered human suffering in a big way that made him question the concept of Gods and drove him to write this book.
The Evolution of Gods is his first book and the only book written by an Indian author on the concept of the existence of God which talks of all religions and is not based on any one particular form of it. His next work is a romance which is currently in progress.

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