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#WhatTheBlack--> My Not-So-Secret Black Desires!

Louise Nevelson said, "I fell in love with black;
it contained all color.
It wasn't a negation of color...
Black is the most aristocratic color of all...
You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing."
and I agree completely with her statement. Black is the color that can make a person look privileged, suave, sophisticated and also very slim (Ain't I thankful for that!). When I heard of this contest #WhatTheBlack where we had to talk about the five black things we wish for and why, I jumped at the idea. What better way than this to let friends and family know what I want from them as gifts! Hey! Are you all reading this? Pay attention, I will be giving you the list soon! :)

First I should talk about my love for black. You see, I fell in love with black all because of my mother. She had such gloriously glossy, long black hair that shone, felt like silk and could be made into any style. I just loved playing with them and often watched my mother style them in different ways. They looked so beautiful and made my mother look all the more stunning that I felt I had to have them! This marked the start of my love for black and I have never stopped loving this color ever since!

Counting the top five things I want in black is so difficult but after much consideration, I think I have made up my mind. Although if you ask for more then I wont mind. :)

1) I seriously covet having long, luxurious coal black hair just like my mother's. Although I have the volume but my hair don't stand anywhere near her glossy, black mane. So having a similar if not the same healthy, shiny black hair that sway while moving and look and feel just as shiny and soft like silk is at the top of my list!

image courtesy: Google

Don't get any teasing ideas like getting me a wig or something. That would be so not funny. I remember what you did last summer. {wink wink}
I am just telling you this so you can pray to God so he grants me my wish of having beautiful long, black hair!

2) The next thing that I wish for is a sleek black iPad. Now having a black iPad will make me happy because first, it's an Apple product. I haven't used any Apple product because they are just too expensive but I have heard so much about it. Then it has such great features, is a smooth experience, is bug proof, is sleek and beautiful and totally suave. It also will solve my reading-on-my-phone problem which is giving me a weak eyesight. I can read books easily on the iPad which has a bigger screen as compared to my black Samsung Galaxy S2, has better resolution and a better battery life. It is also light weight so reading on it is not a problem. Last but not the least, it will give a complete experience of using an apple product except calling which is no big deal as I am not big on calling people.
image courtesy: www.pcadvisor.co.uk

3) I also wish for a black gown or a dress just like those worn by actresses on TV. I also recently saw a dress on Google and loved it so much. In black these dresses look deadly exquisite, sophisticated and also make the wearer look so slim! It would be so exciting to wear these dresses. I can just imagine myself swaying to the music dressed in these killer outfits! {sigh}

image courtesy:www.dressmini.com

4) Next I dream of having a Batmobile (The Tumbler from the movie, Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan). When Batman/ Bruce Wayne said, "Does it come in black?", ooh it was sheer music to my ears. A car that can fly off rooftops, can literally fly, has a stealth mode and other awe inspiring features, this car/tank has made its place in my heart and my wish list. I would love to experience driving in this vehicle and when I come out, will happily say, "I am Batman!"(in a deep husky voice).{giggles}
The Batmobile is the car to have and I hope I get one someday.

image courtesy: www.batmobilehistory.com

5) Last but not the least, I wish to highlight by eyes with the coal black Kajal or Kohl that the queens of past times used. It was called surma and was made from natural products that soothed the eyes, increased eye sight while also helping to make the eyes look big, beautiful and incredible attractive. Nowadays getting a pure surma is very difficult and I wish to have one for me.

image courtesy: indiaopines.com

Black is the color of mystery, the mystery of the future and the mystery of the unknown. I don't know if I will get all the things on my wishlist but I'll surely try! :)

"There's something about black. You feel hidden away in it."
-Georgia O'Keeffe

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