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When Sachin Tendulkar's day was saved by Baggout!

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket and while he is very dedicated as a cricketer, he also has to fill the dedication quota set aside for family. This story starts the day he almost forgot to plan something special for his wife, Anjali but was saved when his friend, Rahul Dravid casually asked him what gift he was giving his wife on her birthday which was the next day.

"Sachin, what did you buy for Anjali Bhabhi for her birthday?" He asked casually.
"Birthday?" asked Sachin, a bit bewildered.
"Oh Man! Did you forget Anjali Bhabhi's birthday? It's tomorrow!" told a surprised Rahul to Sachin.

"Oh God! I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me. I'll plan something but where will I get a gift for her and get it delivered at such short notice?"

Sachin didnt know what to do. He was in London and so could not go to a shop and buy something. He would have to go online and find some special gift. But where would he get a gift and send it to his dear wife at such short notice?

He was still thinking when suddenly Rahul told him Baggout. He told Sachin that his friend had recently discovered this cool new online shopping website which offered great bargains on a wide variety of products like clothing, footwear, trendy handbags, beautiful bed sheets and bed covers etc. from top stores like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong etc. Exclusive products could be bought here and what was best was that they would be delivered in 24 hours which meant that he could still send his wife a birthday gift!

He thanked Rahul and went back to his room to browse and select a suitable gift for Anjali. The first thing that he saw made him exclaim, “Haila! So many brands at one place, I will surely get a great gift here!” He smiled and started browsing. He could see so many cool things even the exclusive merchandise from top brands. There were suggestions available based on the things bought by his friends. He could even select products and save them for later. By the time he was finished, he had bought not one gift but many gifts for his wife, his children and some for his friends too. The best thing had been that he had got very appealing cash backs on every item and coupons for further discounts.

 Now he knew one website where he could buy diverse products from a variety of stores, discover great bargains, see what others were buying, discover new fashion trends and products and never have to worry about the delivery of the purchase which was fast and without hassles. Simple and easy payment methods, a clean website which made browsing and adding products to the cart and great bargains had already made Baggout a favorite for him.

He was going to tell everyone about it and do all his online shopping from here. A new but very beautifully set up portal which served all customer needs from great clothes for men and women, jewellery, trendy handbags, fashionable footwear, eye catching home fashion etc., Baggout had won his heart and saved him from the wrath of his wife. Baggout had saved the day and emerged a winner! 

PS : This post has been written as a contest entry for Baggout. Topic of the contest- Choose any interesting personality and write about his/her hypothetical experience of Shopping through Baggout.

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