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#BookReview: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch (Cardwell Cousins #1) & Wanted Woman (Cascades Concealed #3) by B.J. Daniels

Title and Author: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch & Wanted Woman by B.J. Daniels

Book Review for Rescue at Cardwell Ranch:

Title and Author: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Series: Cardwell Cousins #1
Publication Date: May 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Review:

Hayes Cardwell came to Big Sky to attend his brother, Tag's wedding unaware that soon he would be chasing a serial killer.  This Texas P.I. saves Mackenzie Sheldon's life when he saves her from a brutal abductor. Unable to get her out of his mind, he is determined to protect her and catch this very intelligent and elusive killer.
With a killer most dangerous and one hiding in plain sight, will Hayes be able to protect Mackenzie?
Are they falling in love or is this just an adrenaline rush?

I am big fan of B.J. Daniels' books and have read many of her books. She is a versatile author who brings something new in each of her books. In Rescue at Cardwell Ranch too, BJ handles a demented psychopath with ease and while managing to give the readers the creeps she also effortlessly balances the romance between the protagonists.

The cover is eye catching. I love cowboys and one on a horse instantly appeals to me. The blurb is intriguing and instantly captivates the reader's interest and makes us want to read the book.

Although this book is first in Cardwell Cousins series but still it continues from the Cardwell Ranch series. We are introduced to the Cardwells in the Cardwell Ranch series and to their cousins, Tag and his brothers in the Cardwell Cousins series. Although this can seem very confusing but the books are standalone stories that can be read out of order. Only the introductions and some connecting events join them.

In Rescue at Cardwell Ranch, we are introduced to Hayes Cardwell, the younger brother of Tag Cardwell and cousin of Dana Cardwell who owns the Cardwell ranch. While we are swept away by the beauty and coziness of homely Cardwell Ranch and the cordial and loving residents of the place, there is thrill and excitement also present to catch this criminal who has so far gotten away with his heinous crimes.

The settings are explicitly and very beautifully sketched and brought to life and they are used expertly to heighten the thrill and tension in the novel. I could feel each and every shift of air and could feel the warning of danger in my bones.

The characterization is very real like and I connected with each and every person in this book. The romance and the sexual tension between Mackenzie and Hayes is vividly described and the fear of the killer very engagingly brought to life by the author. The underlying tension between the Cardwells and their estranged father is also touched upon but left unsolved for other books in the series.

I loved the book and sat engrossed in the story till the very end. The pace was gripping and I could feel the rush of adventure. The climax is chilling and very frightening.

Another great story from B.J. Daniels, I give Rescue at Cardwell Ranch, 4 out of 5 just because I felt the pace lagged a bit at times.

This is a great holiday read and sure to entertain as well as keep you hooked. Strongly recommended to everyone, go read the book.

Book Review for Wanted Woman:

Title and Author: Wanted Woman by B.J. daniels
Series: Cascades Concealed #3
Publication Date: June 2004
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Review:

Maggie Randolph is running away from people who want to kill her and have killed her father before. Before dying, her father told her that she was adopted. Now someone is determined to eliminate anyone who tries to unravel the mystery of her adoption. Maggie, however, is determined to find the truth even if it takes her to the wilderness of Timber Falls, a small close-knit community nestled deep in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. While she is determined to find the truth and is trying to remain detached, the Deputy Sheriff Jesse Tanner is annoyingly always on her mind. The suave, sexy and handsome man is someone she felt safe with the first time he saved her. But can she trust him?
Who is after her? Why doesn't that person want her to find the truth?
Can Jesse be the man who will understand and fight along side her?

The Cascade Concealed series is one of my favorite series by B.J. Daniels. I had read Wanted Woman a few years back and had almost forgotten the thrill of adventure and the excitement of mystery solving that I had got while reading this book and the series. A girl child went missing twenty seven years ago and this event changed the lives of many in Timber Falls. Now Maggie is here and maybe she is that lost girl. But there are some people who dont want to truth to come to light and will do anything to stop this from happening.

The settings are very beautifully planned and developed. I could visualize the uneven and dangerous terrain and the small, quaint town of Timber Falls where everyone knows everyone and still dont know as much as they thing they do! The feeling of mystery, dark secrets and impending danger is admirably made to feel to the reader who fells right at the center of all the action and danger.

The characterization is very expertly done. People are complex here with many facets to their character. Although you may think that you know them but still there are secrets that they are hiding and ones which we can never guess! BJ's writing style is engaging and easily keeps the reader at the edge of his seat, completely invested in the story throughout.

The chemistry between Maggie and Jesse is hot, sensuous and very heartwarming. Jesse is swoon worthy and totally an alpha. He gives a wild, untamed impression which is so sexy and made me want to meet him. :)

Maggie is strong, independent and fearless. She is unlike the simpering, sensitive heroines of romance novels. I really liked her and enjoyed her chemistry with Jesse.

The story moves swiftly and there are well planned twists and turns in the book that keep the reader guessing right till the end. The mystery when it is solved will surprise and impress you.

The best part is that it can be read as a standalone but it is still recommended that you read the series in order.

All in all, a great book that I totally loved and strongly recommend to everyone. 4.5 out of 5 to Wanted Woman from my side. Do not miss this book and the series. It's a must read.

I received the book from Netgalley and the publisher, Harlequin and I am very thankful to them. The above reviews are my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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