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Book Review--> Bistro La Boheme 0.5- You're the One by Alix Nichols

Title and Author: You're the One by Alix Nichols
Print Length: 66 Pages
Series: Bistro La Boheme
Publication Date: June 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Series

Book Review:
Natalie has her life all planned out. She lives with the man she loves and wants to have a family with him. So what, if Fred is a self-absorbed man who takes Natalie for granted and has set rules about not talking about a future and a family with her!

Adrien is a world class chess player and a complete nerd. He is happy in his baggy home made sweaters that his Mom made and can be seen at the Bistro La Boheme competing with his computer in a game of chess and enjoying the cafe's service.

His heart takes a tumble when he sees Natalie the first time and what starts as a shy introduction between these two soon starts to rule their thoughts and their hearts.

Is Adrien the right man for Natalie?

I just loved the cover. It is sensuous and very eye catching. The blurb further intrigues the reader claiming that the reader will laugh and enjoy the book.

I have already read the book next to this one in the Bistro La Boheme series, What If It's Love? and can give credence to the author's claim that the books in this series are all standalone stories with only the Bistro La Boheme cafe and a few recurring events connecting them.

The story engages the reader right from the start and once you start on the story you just dont want to stop! I read this story non-stop and was left with a happy and a satisfied smile on my face.

Alix's writing style is captivating. She uses simple terminology and shows her extensive knowledge of the life in Paris and her descriptions of this beautiful city enchant the reader and makes us want to visit and experience it ourselves.

The characterization is in depth and very expertly done. Alix has the knowledge of human nature which she uses in her characters. Adrien is a simple man with aspirations of a loving family and a career in chess. Natalie loves kids and dreams of having her own soon. Both are searching for their true love. Natalie thinks Fred is the one for her and has no other experience apart from him to know any different. I loved the interactions between Natalie and Adrien. Adrien is so sweet in an innocent sort of way and so different from the normal heroes in romance novels. He is compassionate, friendly and totally charming. I loved him so much! :)
The romance leaves us with a warm feeling in our heart and a sappy smile on our faces. I would love to meet them again in her subsequent books and see how they are after their happily-ever-after and maybe meet their kids. :)

The bistro just won my heart and I would definitely like to visit such a bistro. Cozy with great service and yummy food and also economical on the packet, the Bistro La Boheme is the place to be. It is also the center of all the activity in this book and the series. Love is found, hearts are mended, futures set and happiness found in Bistro La Boheme! :)

A book that I thoroughly enjoyed and loved reading with a cup of tea, I give You're the One a full 5 on 5 and recommend it everyone. This is a fresh story which will entertain you and also give a most welcome break from all the chaos of our daily lives. :)

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