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Day 3 of #WhatTheBlack ~ Is the Mystery Solved?

With a black egg with chocolate inside and a black newspaper in my possession, I was all set to guess and figure out today's #WhatTheBlack item but despite all my diligent efforts, when the item finally came, it still left me shocked!

Today the package was delivered by FedEx and it was very light. When I opened the box I was astounded to find only a small black paper cup! 

The invoice, however, gave me a very valuable clue.
It said, "1. Colgate Charcoal Paper Cup & Tissue Paper"

Although I could not find a tissue paper inside the box but still this clue had opened doors of inquiry. :)

Please note the word "Colgate"! :)

I did some digging on Google and I think have finally cracked the code!

#WhatTheBlack mystery points to Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

image courtesy: Google

With this toothbrush our white toothbrushes have also embraced black! :)

I think I have solved the puzzle and will treat myself to some pasta today which I have been meaning to eat since ages. Even if I am wrong, I am going to treat myself to pasta! LOL

Whatever be the solution, one thing that is apparent is the very successful way in which social media is being used to build up a brand and a great opportunity given to bloggers to have fun, win some cool stuff while also using their talent to promote something! :)

But what do you think? Is this mystery solved or Is there more #WhatTheBlack surprise in store when I receive the final and the main product tomorrow?

Checkout my previous guesses and my adventures with Day 1 and Day 2 clues that mystified as well as motivated me to stay in the game till today! :)
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#WhatTheBlack is a four day activity in association with BlogAdda. Each day, the selected candidates will be receiving a clue and finally on the fourth day, the actual product will unveil itself.This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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