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Redecorating my Safe Haven, my Home with MakeMyHome!

A House is made of walls and beams...
A Home is made of Love and Dreams...

Home is the place where we feel safe, at peace and most comfortable. My home is my safe haven. It was just a house when I bought it but with love it is now home! :)

My home represents me and just like me it is CASUAL in it's theme. I love browsing through decors and love learning about new ideas of furnishing my home more beautifully. When I found out about the MakeMyHome contest organized by Blogadda I was overjoyed. Although it was very difficult to choose just three items from the absolutely stunning range of decors present on makemyhome.com but I was finally able to pick the three items that totally won my heart.

1) Aapno Rajasthan Ganapati Kalash and Diya Wood and Clay Wall Decor

This artistic Ganapati wall decor just bowled me over. I could  visualize it hanging at the entrance of my home and could already feel all the positive energy and good fortune flowing inside! :)

Lord Ganapati is believed to be the Lord of Success and he is worshiped before starting anything new and also to ensure luck, prosperity, wealth and success. Having him at the entrance of my home would surely bring in more success, prosperity and luck to me. Also this wall decor would look so beautiful in contrast with the creme color of the outer walls of my home! :)

At 23% discount, this is a must have. 

Another stunner, this poster caught my eye instantly and I just could not help feeling the joy of the little birds in the picture. "Oh, it will look so beautiful in my bedroom." was the first thought that came to my mind. The peace and happiness that I felt looking at this poster plus the awesome discount of 25% made me select this for decorating my home. I know I want to buy this, don't you?

This peacock wall clock is so unique and so alluring. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had found the right clock for the Drawing room in my home. The clock would look stunning hanging there, admirably complementing the overall theme of the room. Add this beauty with the attractive discount of 39%, I know this item is a hot piece of decor that should not be missed! :)

I also saw some very beautiful lamps, and a yellow round oil burner that I loved. A great collection with attractive discounts and variety, makemyhome.com is a great website to visit when thinking of decorating your home. After all, our home is a reflection of us. A place where our story begins. So go browse, select and decorate your home with the amazing stuff on makemyhome.com.

Thanks to Blogadda for introducing me to makemyhome.com and giving me a chance to revamp my home. I am so excited. :)

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