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Book Review--> Scars of Love by R.S Khambete

Title and Author: Scars of Love by R.S Khambete
Print Length: 141 Pages
Publication Date: December 2013
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Writing, Desi Romance

A freak accident turns Seema’s perfect life upside down. Horribly burnt and in pain, her hospital bills are mounting, her job is at stake and her handsome fiancé seems more and more distant. If it wasn’t for the annoyingly determined doctor, Seema would have given up long ago. After all, what was there left to live for? 

What will it take for Seema to accept her own scarred body, and fight to reclaim all that she has lost?

Book Review:
I am a happy victim of fairy tales and happily-ever-afters. I heard about Scars of Love some months back and had been meaning to read it for sometime but always kept keeping it on hold. Finally I bought it yesterday and read it. 

The cover of the book is beautiful but a bit confusing. From the first moment I saw the cover I thought the hero wore a Pathani suit and that the background was a train! I had completely skipped the stethoscope!LOL

Only when I read the blurb did I see the cover carefully and saw the stethoscope to conclude that it was doctor that I saw! The painting is not clear. At one glance you dont get the idea of the background.

The blurb however made me very interested in the book. It is captivating and catches the interest of the reader.

The story reminded me of the lovely story of the Beauty and the Beast. I loved the author's story execution. This is a new experience for me. The romance between the Beauty and the Beast is quiet, no-frills type. He is the silent protector and motivator. She is a woman slowly loosing her heart to him. The family dynamics and the sister-sister jealousy part is well portrayed by the author. But I wanted him to give Seema the scope to teach her jealous, vicious and uncaring sister a lesson. Also give her stupid, snob of a fiance a kick in the rear.

Seema is too good and although I loved her for her strength, sense of responsibility and her love for her family, I disagreed with her attitude to bear everything and almost become a doormat to her sister. The Doctor is enigmatic, strong, talented in his work and all too appealing. His physical attributes are not described much in detail but his actions speak louder and I was able to visualize him through his actions. The relationship between these two develops slowly but still leaves the reader tingly and anticipating their next encounter. I love the silent, brooding type heroes and so loved the enigmatic doctor here. He is not comfortable showing his emotions and often appears to be indifferent. He speaks little and often appears uncaring but despite appearances he is kind, caring, feels the pain of others and is willing to help them even at a great cost! :)

So much is happening in the story. The author is a doctor himself and so shows his prowess while describing the hospital scenes and procedures. He also beautifully shows the development in Seema after her accident and expertly connects the reader to her emotionally. Her struggle to come to terms with her disfigurement, support her family, save her relationship with Manoj, save her job and also not lose hope is so realistically narrated that it touched my heart and made Seema so real to me.

The only issues that I had with the story were first, the hindi sentences are not translated and so will not be understood by non-hindi knowing readers. Second, not much is told of the doctor's past which I would have loved to read about. Third, I would have loved it if Seema taught her sister and her fiance a lesson. I hated Reema and wanted to slap her. LOL

I loved the book which is well written, unconventionally portrayed for a romantic story and will prove a satisfying read on a quiet holiday. I can read this story again and again and I know I will enjoy meeting the doctor again and again! :)

4 out of 5 to Scars of Love and I recommend this sweet and heartfelt story to everyone and hope to read more from the author in the future. 

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