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Team INSPIRATI Presents--> A web of dreams #CelebrateBlogging

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Episode 14- A web of dreams

Roohi was so happy. Mummy, Papa were hugging her and they were so happy. Papa would buy her the doll they had seen in the shop the other day. Maybe she would ask for the matching dress set from Mummy. Roohi smiled as she thought of all the fun she would have dressing her doll. It would look so beautiful in the pink flowery dress that came as part of the dress set. Oh, it would be awesome. Mummy, Papa and her happy again. It would be just like the old times.

A loud noise somewhere suddenly woke Roohi from her dream. At first, she could not make out where she was. The bed was too hard, the mattress nothing like the soft Kung Fu Panda one that she had at home and most of all, where were Mummy and Papa?

Bleary eyed, she looked around the shoe box size room she was in. It looked like an attic with no windows except a small one high up in the wall. The walls were bare, nothing like the soft pink walls of her room or the large Cinderella poster Mummy had helped her stick on the wall facing her bed.

Where was she?

Suddenly, everything came crashing to her. Her sadness at seeing her parents fight, her kidnapping, Kamla's frightening voice telling her to be quiet or the Saab will hurt her were slowly making her long for her happy dreams again.
Scared, frightened and feeling too tired despite having slept for she didn't know how long, Roohi fainted.

Kamla was worried. She had not bargained for this. She just wanted to deliver the girl, get her money and be done with this mess. The girl's health was deteriorating day by day and with her health, Kamla's anxiety was also increasing.

She would give Tawde a warning and an ultimatum. If he didn't get her out of this mess soon then she would have to take some drastic steps. 

With a huff of frustration and  a little fear mingled with anger, Kamla dialed Tawde's cell.

"Inspector Tawde speaking."

"I want out." Kamla started without preamble.
"What are doing? Calling me like this? I told you to stay put and lay low."

"Yeah, you told me too many things but I dont feel like agreeing to them now. The girl is ill and getting more so with each passing day. You need to come get her. I need my payment and then I am out."

Kamla hurriedly spoke everything in one breath fearing Tawde's interruption at any second.

"Wait for some more time. Take good care of Roohi. Call a doctor if need be but just dont attract undue attention."

With this, Tawde ended the call. How had his well planned scheme gone so wrong? He should have had Roohi with him by now instead she was ill, alone and probably afraid.

Maybe he should abort the plan and give her back to the Duttas.

"No, no no." He chanted. 

"I cant let go of my girl after getting so close to having her in his life forever. "

He murmured while looking out his small office window in the cramped, economically maintained police station that just never received its share of funds to give it a modern touch. Each year the funds fell short despite the Government's increase in the share with each passing year. Maybe if the corruption was eradicated.

Thinking of the absurdity of his thoughts and the impossibility of corruption ever ending, Tawde got up to start pacing and thinking of the day when he would have Roohi as his daughter.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, a man was busy calling someone.


"It's Aryan. We need to talk."

To be continued...

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  1. Sharanya BhattacharyaSeptember 24, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    I liked the way you took it forward! the last two lines, Aryan part stole the show!! Well done! Eager for the next one!! <3

  2. Points two and seven are so true for me too. If you discover floo powder, Nikita, I hope you will share with me!

  3. LOL Reet..That will be the day..Surely will share with you.. :)

  4. Well done... I liked the way u portrayed Tawde's emotions when roohi wasn't well.. Kudos....

  5. Yes, yes, yes! :Love your writing Nikita! :) Now off to read the next episode. I am having a ball today reading everyone's episode in series! :D

  6. Hii Nikita, good narration. Update the link to next episode. I dont see my previous comments here. Hope this will appear.

  7. Congrats on the award. It's nice to get to know other bloggers a little better.

  8. Thanks Sharon :)

  9. Thanks so much for nominating my blog!!! :) You are awesome.

  10. Thanks Natalie :)


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