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#ARCBookReview: The Cure was Love by Reet Singh

Book Review: The Cure was Love by Reet Singh
Title and Author: The Cure was Love by Reet Singh
No. of Pages: 192 Pages
Publication Date: Mills & Boon Indian Author Collection (November 1, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Author

Will the young doctors realize what ails them?
For three months, Simi Gill gets to do what she loves – train at an overseas student program and learn more about medicine. As a bonus, she gets to forget about the shallow boyfriend who dumped her, and worse, who hurt her. Living it up in New York, far from her home in India, she is saved by the delicious Rudy Bhatnagar, not once, but two times in one night!
A talented surgeon with a heart of gold, Rudy can't stop himself from thinking about Simi Gill. He tries very hard – having had his heart broken before, he's not sure he can risk it again. But Fate has other plans.
Thrown together by bizarre circumstances, they survive bullets and babysitting with aplomb. Will they realize they're perfect for each other or will they let precious love slip through their fingers?

Book Review:
The Cure was Love is Reet Singh's upcoming romance which will release on 1st November. I had read and loved Reet's first romance Scorched by his Fire previously and so when Reet told me about her next book I was ecstatic.

A deliciously beautiful cover, the title and blurb also captured my interest in the book and made me pick this book up even when I was on a vacation and had promised my husband my cent percent time. :)

As soon as I started on the book I knew it was going to be awesome. The starting scene itself is so admirably laid out that you are left speculating, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the chemistry between Simi and Rudy. Reet made me remember the award winning McGregor series by Nora Roberts. The Cure was Love has that same lovely effect on you. The urgency that it creates in the readers to see their beloved protagonists get their happily-ever-after and the goofy smile it leaves behind is such a welcome experience.

The story is beautifully sketched and brought to life. The characters developed such that they make a lasting place in your heart. I absolutely loved Rudy with his unconscious handsomeness, his heart of gold and a stubborn streak that endeared him to me. He is so blissfully unaware of the dizzying effect he has on women which is so novel and made him a hero I will always cherish. 

Simi is refreshingly naive but very headstrong. Although dealt some crushing blows in life, she seeks happiness in the small things in life and made a perfect partner to the serious and somewhat worldly Rudy. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between them and could be seen giggling, laughing out loud and smiling so much that I had my husband's interest also captured in the book which is a great deed considering that he is more of a movie buff than a book enthusiast. 

Rudy's family is boisterous and a happy bunch. It warmed my heart to see that they had transcended all religious and geographical barriers to make bonds of love. Simi's father is a strict but a very caring father and made me feel as if I knew him already. These are people we have met or heard about from people we know. Normal people who have braved the scorch of hardships to bask in the warmth of love, I would love to read their individual stories and hope that Reet will write about them soon. 

The settings, the situations and the emotions, everything is perfectly balanced and brilliantly brought out by the author. If you loved Reet's first book, Scorched by his Fire then you will doubly love this new book from her. Reet has matured as a writer which shows in her upcoming book. A very talented writer, she has now made her way in the list of authors I follow.

A well written book that charms you and leaves you completely engrossed in the romance, I give The Cure was Love 5 super shiny stars and strongly recommend this book to you all. Don't miss reading this super entertaining story which you wont be able to keep down until the very end! :)

I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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