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ARC Book Review: Siren's Treasure (Dark Seas #2) by Debbie Herbert

 #ARCBookReview: Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert Title and Author: Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert
No. of Pages: 304 Pages
Series: Dark Seas #2
Publication Date: Mills & Boon Nocturne (November 1, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Mermaids, Nocturne, Suspense

Book Review:

Jet Bosarge has always felt different. Never able to mix with either the mermaids or the humans, she has felt lonely and lost. Years ago, sick with the loneliness, she had made the mistake of loving a human named Perry and had shared all her secrets with him but had been devastated when he had betrayed her. Now he is back and as usual up to no good. Add to this mix, the new in town IRS agent with piercing glacial eyes, Landry Fields, Jet's life is about to be turned upside down.

Can Jet face Perry again?

Why is she so different from the other mermaids including her sister Lily who is a siren with an enchanting voice?
Why does Landry Fields make Jet dizzy with attraction like no other man has ever before?

Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert which releases on 1st November 2014 is the story of Jet Bosarge. We had first met her in Shelly's story in Siren's Secret and I loved her spunk and dont care attitude. Jet is strong, independent and gutsy. She likes collecting lost treasures from long ago and this dangerous hobby made her acquainted with Perry.

The cover is intriguing and suited to the Nocturne theme of the book. The blurb attracts you to go dive deep into the mysterious world of the mermaids. I had already dived once and loved the story of Shelly who is a cousin of Jet in the book, Siren's Secret and so when I came to know that Debbie had written Jet's story, I jumped at the chance to read and review it. :)

If you read and am sure loved Siren's Secret then you will love Siren's Treasure even more. The story is more crisp, more centered and characters more complex. There are several layers to the story and Debbie brings out the emotional struggle of Jet expertly. Jet Bosarge is a mermaid but still feels that she is truly not a part of merfolk. So different from the fragile beauty with blonde wavy hair of the other mermaids, she is dark haired, exceptionally strong and devoid of any fragile charm. Unlike her sister Lily, she isnt blessed with a siren's voice and never flocked by merman. Ignored by men of her world and burned in the past by a human, she is vulnerable and lonely but sports a brave, strong, spunky and dont-give-a-damn attitude outside.

I loved Landry. He is strong, handsome and very dedicated to his job. Afflicted with a troubled past. He was a bit mysterious and the whole supernatural element in his story was intriguing. The chemistry between Landry and Jet is intense. There is instant attraction between them and their feelings are so beautifully developed. I was so caught in the story that time just flew and before I knew it I had finished the whole book! :)

Shelly and Tillman also make an appearance in this book and it was so exciting to see them so happy after all the drama in the first book, Siren's Secret. Lilly and the complete Bosarge clan are a happy bunch and it was so enchanting to read about them and visualize their secretive under water world. They have lived in the Bayou area of Alabama and kept themselves hidden but when their secret and one of their own is threatened, they stand united to eliminate the threat. The author's talent in bringing out two sides to everyone made me sympathize with Perry too. He was once a good man but them went evil. It was interesting to see the comparison between his good and bad side.

Debbie's writing is simple and well balanced. She injects humor, emotions, heat and suspense in her story and keeps the reader turning pages with interest till the very end. You cannot help but visualize the merworld and feel the magic and mystery of it all.

Although this book is well plotted and held my interest but still I did feel the supernatural angle was incomplete. There was no proper closure to it. Why did something happen years ago and who was responsible? I wanted to know answers to all these questions and more. 

Overall, I simply loved and enjoyed meeting Jet again and reading her own story. I give Siren's Treasure 4.5 out of 5. Strongly recommended to you all, go read and feel the magic of mermaids. Maybe I will meet one someday. :)

I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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