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Book Review--> Business Doctors- Management Consulting Gone Wild by Sameer Kamat

Title and Author: Business Doctors - Management Consulting Gone Wild by Sameer Kamat
No. of Pages: 240Pages
Publication Date: April 2014
Language: English
Genre: Business, Strategy and Management, Action, Adventure, Indian writing

Book Review:
Michael Schneider is Ivy League educated management consultant but he is struggling. In comes Woody, a mafia boss who is on the verge of losing his family business. As Michael takes up the job to revive Woody's business that spans drugs, gambling and other unsavory activities, it is a challenge that will test Michael and prove to Woody if he is indeed the Business Doctor!

First of all, I loved the cover of the book and was instantly attracted towards it. Next the concept is so novel. I have never read a book on management consulting so when Sameer contacted me to review this book I was intrigued. The blurb is catchy and makes the reader want to checkout the book.

Sameer's writing style is crisp, witty and very balanced. He injects humor with ease and it was very funny to read about Michael. The book is fast paced and the twists although predictable to me still kept up my interest.

The characterization is admirably done but I would have loved to see more depth in them. Sometimes they feel only partly developed. Michael is brilliant, Woody is moody and Woody's wife, Angie is the spicy ingredient in the book. :)
It is interesting to read about a management consultant's job and experience the overall thrill. Written in a very Bollywood style, I laughed, chuckled and enjoyed reading the book.

There were some errors in the book but I wasn't very concerned with them because I was hooked and wanted to know what happened next. :)

A good narration that catches your interest, fun filled experience and a very Bollywood style story, I read Business Doctors - Management Consulting Gone Wild with much interest and give it a 3.5 out of 5. Recommended to everyone. Go enjoy this new concept book. Sameer has talent for writing, I wish him the very best and hope to read more from him in the future.

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to him. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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