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Book Review--> When I see your Face by Devika Fernando

Title and Author: When I see your Face by Devika Fernando
Print Length: 111 Pages
Publication Date: March 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance, Indie Author

Book Review:
Cathy is running from her abusive husband and seeks refuge in a remote village but is shocked to see a man who looks just like her husband. She is suspicious if he is her husband feigning to be someone else or a stranger who just shares the same face as her abusive ex. How will Cathy handle this new twist?
Can she start her life again away from abuse and heartbreak?

When I see your Face is Devika Fernando's debut book. I was attracted towards the story when I first heard about the book sometime back and had been meaning to read it ever since. A scarred woman, an abusive husband and his look alike who is worlds apart in nature from him made me want to read the book. I had read a similar plot line book by Miranda Lee called "The Fugitive Bride" and had loved it.

While Devika's When I see your Face initially looked similar to Miranda's book but it is a completely different story. The plot is well conceived and executed. The Blurb is interesting and catches the readers' interest. The cover is average and I did feel that it could have been made more captivating.

The story is medium paced and the author sketches beautiful settings of a remote village without giving away the exact location so that the readers are able to connect the place to any place that they know without confining the surroundings to a particular geography. I loved this idea because it made me feel more connected to the story.

The characters of the village like Aunt Grindle are simple, hardworking people who know each other, support each other and I would love to meet them someday. Cathy and Michael are both grappling with their painful past and trying to build a new life for themselves. Their frustrations, fears and uncertainties of their feelings for each other are well brought out by the author. Cathy's abusive husband, Mark is a character who inspires hate and despite his God like good looks manages to make you feel like hitting him hard.

Devika has a simple yet powerful talent to string together words to form a story that is rich in settings, characterization and a story that feels real and touches your heart.

I was hooked in the book right from the start and could not keep the book down until I had read it. A heart touching romance that affected me deeply and made me root for Cathy and Michael. When I see your Face is a book that can be read and will be enjoyed by everyone. A clean romance, I give When I see your Face 4 out of 5 and strongly recommend that you read the book. I look forward to reading more from Devika in the future.

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When I See Your Face by Devika Fernando

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