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Movie Review--> Bang Bang!

Even though I had already watched and didn't particularly like Knight and Day which is the inspiration for this film, Bang Bang! had created such a buzz that I knew that I had to watch it. What with the handsomeness of Hrithik and the hotness of Katrina to wow you with their awesome dance numbers, foot tapping songs and heart stopping stunts, I had hoped that this would be better than Knight and Day but alas, like the inspiration this movie also fell flat.

There is practically no story development. Katrina is a Bank Receptionist who is suddenly thrown in the dangerous world of Rajveer when she mistakes him for her blind date. Rajveer has stolen the Kohinoor from the British and is on the most wanted list of criminals by the Interpol and the criminals who are after the invaluable diamond.

Hrithik is handsome and will make a perfect Superman, in my opinion, with his all muscle-no-fat body and bronzed skin. He can act well, dance like a God and then romance your shoes off. He was perfect in this movie. Katrina, on the other hand, is charming, beautiful and very daring in her stunts in this movie but she still needs to polish her acting skills.

The other characters like Jimmy Shergill, Danny, Kanwaljit etc. play their part well. I specially loved Katrina's Nani. She is a hopeless romantic and so sweet with her meddling yet heart warming concern for Katrina.

The photography is great and captures the beauty of all the many exotic locations. The wardrobe and makeup is perfect and the stunts so beautifully choreographed. The dance choreography is also good but could have been better for the title track. 

All in all, this movie will entertain you with its action sequences, the goosebumps inducing stunts, enchanting dance sequences from Hrithik, foot tapping songs and beautiful and exotic locations but lets you down on the story front. The story has too many loop holes and no development. Had they worked on the story, this would have been a memorable movie and an even bigger hit.

For the time being, Bang Bang! can be watched for some exotic locales, stunning dance, breath taking action and for Hrithik. :)

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