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#ProductReview: MatrikaS Paper Products

Dear Diary,

I met three new friends today and what can I say, I fell in love with them! I know when you hear about them you will also love them. They are all so beautiful!

My three new friends- Products sent for review by MatrikaS
One is an Antique Journal with a leather feel in the cover, crisp high quality pages which look golden when the journal is closed and such a classy overall feel to it. It looks just like those old leather bound classics in the library that are precious and very rarely loaned. What's more is that I was stumped by the price. It is so economically priced at just 360 Rupees. I know this will be a fitting successor to you. :)

Classy Journal from MatrikaS

Golden feel of the Journal

Next is a Cube Works notebook with adoring and amazing doodles.Spiral bound with waterproof covers, this is a welcome new friend who will keep me company when I feel the urge to write the various story ideas that swamp my mind at the most unexpected times. For a klutz like me who is always ruining the notebooks that either have torn covers or wet ones from trying to save them during the monsoons, this one will be protected from tear as well as wetness because of its sturdy waterproof cover. The pages are smooth, crisp and chalk white with that special smell that comes from new pages. As if this is not enough, the notebook is pink! You know, how I love this colour. It is so girly and so suited to my personality. If you are still not convinced about my choice then you should know that it is so well priced at just 110 Rupees. :)

Pink Cube Works Notebook

Last but not the least is the special journal with my favorite personality on its cover, Mother Teresa. Exquisitely embossed on the cover, Mother Teresa's smiling face made my day when I opened the package containing the journal. The journal is thoughtfully divided into four parts:
1) Important Notes
2) Your Action Plan
3) Organize Your Schedule
4) Optimize Your Lists

Mother Teresa Journal sent by MatrikaS
It is perfect to schedule your year plans, make lists and have fun organizing, optimizing and seeing if your lists came true. I loved the biography of Mother Teresa at the beginning and inspirational quotes by her written at the bottom of the pages and felt so special holding this very unique journal in my hand. I know none of my friends have such a special journal in their lives. It would be interesting to showoff to them and wait till I tell them the price which is sure to leave their mouths hanging open. It's priced at just 215 Rupees. :)

Mother Teresa Journal Full cover
I know Dad will also love these new friends of mine. After all, he is the one who always gifts me diaries for New Year. I can almost see the twinkle and excitement in his eyes when he sees these babies. LOL

Now that I have such pleasing companions and am feeling so motivated, I know I would have all the inspiration coming to me and surely I will finish my pending novel this year. :)

Thank you for listening to me. You are such a great friend.

Bye Diary and wish me luck! :)

My heart baring session with my Diary has left me feeling so inspired. Thanks to MatrikaS who sent me such beautiful journals and notebook. These are great gifts suited to any occasion and what with Diwali just round the corner, I know I have found a new favorite and would be buying some more Diaries and Journals for my friends and family soon, after I have showed off my beauties to everyone. :)

Do go checkout MatrikaS who were so kind as to introduce me to such innovative stationary. There is an extensive range by the brand and you can check them all by visiting their Website or following their Facebook Page.

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