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#AbMontuBolega ~ It's time for us to speak up!

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#AbMontuBolega is a campaign started by Strepsils (Facebook & Twitter links) to motivate people to speak up in order to aim towards a clean India. 

So many times we witness events that we want to raise our voices against but still don't. Maybe because we don't want any trouble or maybe because we think no one will listen to us if we did. Sometimes we are also feel that we are not allowed to have a say in matters and because we never raise our voices, satisfied with being a silent spectator, is why we are facing so many problems. 

There is an urgent need to clean our country whether it be of corruption, crime, bad habits or social norms that have crippled us and stopped us from developing. We root for superheroes who stand for everything good and are daring enough to raise their voice against injustice but aren't we all capable to being superheroes?

Didn't just one man Mahatma Gandhi raise his voice against the cruelty and injustice of the British in India through his Ahimsa movement? He started alone and then was joined by people from all over the country, ultimately forcing the British to take note and eventually leave India. In modern times, our esteemed PM, Narendra Modi started the Swach Bharat initiative alone and urged people to come forward, join and pledge to keep their country clean. Starting alone, soon he was joined by people from all over India and has somewhat succeeded in making people more vigilant towards the cleanliness of their homes and localities. All these movements succeeded only because people like you and me joined and raised our voices in support of these causes.

In Chandigarh, a simple fellow approached the police to complain about the increase in the reckless and dangerous driving of people in certain parts of the city which had led to many accidents in those areas but the police, although very attentive to his complains, were helpless to keep every rash driver in check. They told him that they could not keep an eye on every driver in the city. But this man was not discouraged. He told them about his plan where normal citizens would help the traffic police in monitoring the traffic and also keeping an eye out for rule breakers. At first this looked like an impossible idea, I mean who would want to stand at the junctions and help the traffic police? Aren't we all busy in our jobs and lives to work voluntarily for such a cause? But this man was adamant and soon had the police agreeing to let him give it a try. They called such people "Traffic Marshals" and soon this campaign became very popular and has helped in improving the traffic conditions of the city. A simple man's attempts to improve his city's traffic has come a long way and now anyone can become a Traffic Marshal by filling up a form and volunteering in his free time! 

Similarly, we see so many incidents everyday that demand our as well as the authorities' attention like
non compliance of traffic rules which lead to long traffic jams and often very horrific accidents, public garbage disposal at the side of the roads, public peeing by men, public eve-teasing of women and the non-support of the spectators etc.

If we look around there are so many things to mull over and speak about. Don't wait, raise your voice and fight against these evils to help make India clean. Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega. 

If every one of us pledges to raise their voices instead of just taking such incidents for granted then the day is not far when we will be really free. Free from injustice, corruption, crime, disease and all forms of blockages to real growth and prosperity.

Support the campaign started by Strepsils (Facebook & Twitter links) and help make our country better and cleaner!
Read more about the campaign here: http://www.abmontubolega.com/

This post is written for IndiBlogger as part of #AbMontuBolega campaign.

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