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Choose your Career & College with Collegedunia.com ~ One stop destination for Students, Parents and Educational Institutions


Confused about your career choice?
Are you looking for a place that has all the information on various courses, colleges, exams and the latest educational news?
Do you wish to read about and compare colleges at one place?

Then look no further and go visit Collegedunia.com. With the information for over 20,000 colleges and universities in their database, Collegedunia.com provides the perfect platform for students to search for courses in fields like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Arts. It also provides filters to students and parents to classify colleges on the basis of location, ranking, ratings, fees and cutoff for different competitive exams.

Let's take an example of Management colleges. There are a multitude of management colleges in the country which only make the search of the best one for us very difficult. We sit and search a multitude of websites looking at umpteen colleges and courses which is too tiring and frustrating. Suppose if in this depressing and tedious task, we get help from a website that provides A-Z knowledge on the Management schools in the country then wouldn't it be cool! Collegedunia.com makes itself useful here. It gives elaborate A-Z knowledge of various colleges, a variety of courses and the latest updates in the education world all under one banner. 

Let's browse through this extensive search engine which boasts of having the repository of more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses categorized in different streams like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts and much more.  I started with my search of MBA Colleges in Delhi.

I selected Management and then the course I wanted from the various listed. There are further options to centralize your search like the "Type" of course, "Stream" we want and the "Location" of the college.


The next page gave me a full listing of MBA Colleges in Delhi and a full report on each complete with a review. How cool is that!
 Management Schools in Delhi

We can further centralize our search by choosing the options on the left side of the page, click on the college that strikes our fancy and read a complete bio on it. There are also options to get SMS alerts and email details about the college and we can leave a review about the college too. The students can apply in the college straight from this website without having to go anywhere else for this.

Out of the various colleges listed like FMS, IIFT etc., I selected FMS and was treated with info like the history of the institution, a photo gallery, latest news, achievements, alumni, location of the college, fees, courses etc.

 FMS info on Collegedunia.com

Needless to say, my search on this elaborate but very well planned website was a success and I was pleased at having found a portal that is sure to be very helpful to students and parents in their search for the most optimum career and institutions.

Like I checked out the section of the website dealing with Management related searches, you can also checkout the other streams of careers provided as well as keep yourself updated on all news/alerts, featured colleges and so much more.

Now plan your future career with Collegedunia.com, make a wise decision and share this all-in-one website that tackles all our educational queries and curiosities with everyone! 

PS: All images are taken from Collegedunia.com

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